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Evernote Bug in Lists - Font Type Changing to Symbol


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Seeing list formatting issues from content pasted in from Outlook email or word documents.  Seems more like an unintentional formatting bug.  It's been going on for a while (and I've posted about formatting issues before), but just thought I'd would elaborate more on a specific one where the font "type" is actually changed when performing certain actions from a list that was copied into Evernote from Word (or directly from an Outlook email).  This is probably related to other posts I have seen (and commented on already) about formatting problems with lists in general. 


Here is the original list.



When going to Line Item 3 (or any of the sub-lists for that matter), and backspacing to replace the text with something else, the font type is changed for just the text at th every top.  Original font is Calibri - font changes to Symbol.





Additionally, hitting enter again at the end of any of those sublists (you would think to start another bullet item) causes the whole formatting to go out of whack altogether (see how the sub-lists have been shifted all the way to the left)




This is not something I am able to reproduce for lists created in Evernote. 


I am using Evernote version Pre-release, Windows 8, Office 2013.

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As you note,  comments about formatting and lists are pretty frequent,  and Evernote has indicated recently that they're looking into improving things.  We don't know what exactly that entails or when we might see some results,  but for the meantime the only suggestion can be - draft your copy in another app and copy/ paste into Evernote.  Improvements are in hand - we'll have to wait and see...

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