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  1. Crazy indeed. I was a happy paying customer until it just became clear that this was not going to be fixed. So I stopped paying and commuted to OneNote. Its sad. I really wanted to see this fixed. I thought perhaps with major changes internally over the last year or two that this would come up on the docket to be fixed but no.
  2. Could have told you that was going to happen. It's been this way for years and I stopped believe it was going to be fixed. When I stopped believing in that was also when I stopped paying. Unfortunate, disappointing, and seemingly uncharacteristic of a company whose sole purpose is managing notes. It's all great until you leave the world that is Evernote, and when formatting is everything they fall a bit short. Short enough I consider it a failure until this stupid annoying behavior of copy paste is fixed.
  3. Workaround for me was to stop using Evernote. I've been beating on this topic since 2013 - no changes have been made to resolve the issue.
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