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  1. Crazy indeed. I was a happy paying customer until it just became clear that this was not going to be fixed. So I stopped paying and commuted to OneNote. Its sad. I really wanted to see this fixed. I thought perhaps with major changes internally over the last year or two that this would come up on the docket to be fixed but no.
  2. Could have told you that was going to happen. It's been this way for years and I stopped believe it was going to be fixed. When I stopped believing in that was also when I stopped paying. Unfortunate, disappointing, and seemingly uncharacteristic of a company whose sole purpose is managing notes. It's all great until you leave the world that is Evernote, and when formatting is everything they fall a bit short. Short enough I consider it a failure until this stupid annoying behavior of copy paste is fixed.
  3. Workaround for me was to stop using Evernote. I've been beating on this topic since 2013 - no changes have been made to resolve the issue.
  4. You make a good point there. I guess Evernote's best route would be to adopt plugins for support for things such as syntax highlighting. Not sure how much it would involve changing their code, but you could have people design and improve Evernote with features/functionality that they want. Different text based editors (for better Office format support for example, odt support, etc.), syntax highlighting (like BBEdit, Notepad++), color tabs (think OneNote), note/notebook sorting (this would be helpful), skins (for those who just really need even more color in their lives). However, you want to avoid it becoming the plugin junkyard that is Firefox. And perhaps even Chrome these days. Both of which have some horrid skins produced, and even worse plugins (susceptible to security issues). Tough call whether or not to open that box up.
  5. And that's why I've updated the thread every once in a while, and even added examples so people can clearly see what's going on. I signed up specifically to post about this issue and get with the community to see what was going on - and Evernote has fell largely short. As far as "another service with similar functionality" - you're aware of OneNote right? It works fairly well - I'm an Evernote Premium user yet I find myself switching back and forth between the two. Last year was all OneNote - and I had 0 issues. I returned back to Evernote this year in hopes of seeing improvements and there are tons a new (and great) features added, but some core functionality is seemingly ignored. It's a big downer. Paying for Premium for a few years now, in hopes my support will eventually see the team through some core changes - but nope. I've seen new product lines, wallets, scanners, printers, mobile apps, etc. - but I still cant' format a note properly. About the only feedback I can give is I've had "less" problems using it on the Mac platform - but I'd hate to switch away from Windows at work just to use it (I am, or was, a Mac user at home). I don't actually recall any formatting issues on the Mac platform but I believe others have posted they have indeed had it. Now - if Evernote actually implements touch screen compatibility (drawing) with their desktop application I can overlook most of the formatting issues (maybe for another year?) - probably the greatest thing about OneNote right now for me.
  6. As the others have already mentioned - if you're premium member please check note histories. I was able to do this by logging into Evernote via the Web. I just lost some notes over this past weekend (was updating lots of stuff in between devices - PC, iPad, iPhone, and Mac- over a couple of days). Most of the data I thought I had lost was actually in Conflicts, and the rest of it I found in Note History (first time i've had to use it). This has happened to me once before but I didn't think anything of it and just recreated the notes. For me - and i'm in the process of trying to re-create - I had a sync issue and it seems once all my devices came online it was as if they each thought they had the "high watermark" (hope that makes sense). I believe this only occurs for me when I have a device that's offline for a period of time, I make a change on a device that is online, and then bring that first device online to sync changes. At least - that's when I can generate the conflicts. The lost note - not sure how that happened - but it was never really lost and was found ultimately in note history. I have my own personal issues with evernote, but I don't think data loss is acceptable to them (nor any application developer for that matter). Hope this works out for you.
  7. Seeing list formatting issues from content pasted in from Outlook email or word documents. Seems more like an unintentional formatting bug. It's been going on for a while (and I've posted about formatting issues before), but just thought I'd would elaborate more on a specific one where the font "type" is actually changed when performing certain actions from a list that was copied into Evernote from Word (or directly from an Outlook email). This is probably related to other posts I have seen (and commented on already) about formatting problems with lists in general. Here is the original list. When going to Line Item 3 (or any of the sub-lists for that matter), and backspacing to replace the text with something else, the font type is changed for just the text at th every top. Original font is Calibri - font changes to Symbol. Additionally, hitting enter again at the end of any of those sublists (you would think to start another bullet item) causes the whole formatting to go out of whack altogether (see how the sub-lists have been shifted all the way to the left) This is not something I am able to reproduce for lists created in Evernote. I am using Evernote version Pre-release, Windows 8, Office 2013.
  8. Sorry jeff - I could have worded my response differently. I don't intend fo bump it as much as I am curious if people are still having the problem and whether or not Evernote has plans to fix it. From my perpsective, it's hard to rest assured it's being worked when there's really no feedback on it and it's been a problem for over a year. I see a lot of great things coming out of evernote, except literally the text content that's put in to it. So please take it as candid feedback. I did not think adding to this thread every few months was too much of a bump to violate a code of conduct. If it is, I'll stop. My hopes are that as you guys go into 2014 and create your long list of things you'd like to fix this is a reminder that it's still a problem - seems fair to keep visibility on it.
  9. I downloaded Evernote version 5 today for Windows Desktop in hopes maybe this was worked on. Still seeing the same issue. I'd like to get back into Evernote but this is a major issue for me, a large annoyance and very frustrating. Screenshot attached. Windows 8, 64-bit Office 2013 - Word & Outlook Evernote 5 beta (happened in previous version 4 as well) From Evernote -> Outlook and Word, formatting is still poor.
  10. All - I also experience the formatting issue as well when copy/pasting out of evernote. As long as I'm working only within Evernote things are great but the minute I take my notes and put them in an email (Outlook 2007-2010), word processor (Word 2007-2010), almost anywhere else the formatting is screwed up. I'm happy to continue using evernote but would like to know if this is planned to be fixed. It seems basic. A lot of progress has been made with 3rd party apps, Mac version, etc. so could we quit and focus on this for like a day in development? Can't be that hard, can it? Help!
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