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Images out of order and wrong orientation

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I took pictures of three chapters of a text book in the library and the images were uploaded in the wrong order and some were in landscape orientation. 

  1. Why did the images change order?
  2. Why was i not aware that i had tilted the phone enough to swtich it to landscape mode? There should be a rotate lock on there. 

This is not the first time it happens but this time it was really annoying because i had to go back and put images in the correct order on my PC, save them as pdf, and put them back in evernote. 


Is this a bug or did i do something wrong? 

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The page scanning option in Evernote (I'm assuming that's what you used..) is fine for short runs,  but if you're copying multiple pages it's very easy to tap the wrong part of the screen,  incur the wrath of the camera fairy and get a random 90- or 180-degree rotation,  bad focus or just plain forget which page you snapped last.  If I'm doing more than a few pages I look for electronic copies of the document online,  or take DSLR pictures outside of Evernote in a copy frame I made,  and stitch them together as a PDF which I then OCR to save in my note.  I have also killed a couple of books by stripping out the pages and bulk scanning them myself.


Your experience is not a bug - Evernote and your device camera aren't designed for multipage copying and the camera has ideas of its own about orientation.  You probably didn't do anything wrong as such - it's just an inefficient way to copy book pages and you unfortunately but not unexpectedly got a bad result.  Full marks for being able to recover a useable copy afterward,  but you should expect a similar situation next time.


Fujitsu make an all-singing scanner that can handle turning pages - it'll be outside most budgets,  but I can dream...

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Here is the response to my ticket on this subject 101953 opened in August of 2013.  I guess we will have to start using the year in our notes....


Hello evernote_frey,


Thanks for reaching out to Evernote support. I apologize for any inconvenience.


I am so sorry you have had to write back in regarding this.


The photos being out of order is actually by design. A note in Evernote will order the photos based on their file size, not the order in which they were taken or loaded. There is no way to currently change this.


As you know, they were entered before as bugs, but are now seen as requests. We have been told by developers this is by design.


I am sorry you have waited so long to find this out.




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I found out how to fix my orientation problems (camera didn't seem to be aware of my phone orientation when pic was taken) - go into the camera option and click the "..." Then click settings and there is an option to fix photo orientation. It snaps a series of photos and you click when they look correct! Finally fixed this problem of sideways photos in my notes!

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