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(Archived) Exact search not working with 'a' character


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I have a set of notes with the following titles:


h ii w a...

h ii w b...

h ii w c...


When I want to filter all notes containing c, I use the following exact search: intitle:"h ii w c" and it works like a charm. But when I type intitle:"h ii w a" I get all the above notes, including a, b and c. Why is that?


I've tried this in both Windows and Mac OS X client versions of Evernote.

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The "intitle" is redundant unless you have that string in other places - a simple search should do the same job.  And I just set up a quick test with "h ii w a test" etc in the titles and got just the a, b or c results you would expect from a character-specific search.  Not sure what you're experiencing there,  but it doesn't seem like it's to do with the Search function..

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Ditto. Works here.

In case it's not on, Ctrl-F10 or "show search confirmation", I find useful to confirm Evernote and I are on the same page with a search.


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Sorry for misinformation as it certainly works on Windows. It still doesn't work on Mac OS X though where I originally experienced the problem. I then came to work and tried testing the same behaviour on Windows machine but failed to notice that it works correctly. Now I'm back on Mac and I can certainly reproduce the problem.


Here are some screenshots showing the results for "c" search, then "b" (both working) and finally "a":







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Ok.  yes, I confirmed that on my Mac.

It looks like they're treating A as a common word and ignored, on the Mac.

Might be worth a bug report.  

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