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  1. I use Evernote across several platforms - iOS (iPad and iPhone), Windows and Mac. And I always found it really weird how inconsistent is UI/UX experience between even similar platforms - Windows and Mac. On Windows you can easily hide the list with a press of a button (F11) - I use this all the time to save myself some screen space. This has been in Evernote Win as long as I remember, but it's completely absent from Evernote Mac for some reason. And I need it even more on Mac as I use it on much smaller screen (laptop 15''). This is probably one of the few features that I really miss while on my MBP.
  2. The same happened to me today after the latest update (6.0.11) on OS X. Thank god for that history feature, otherwise it would have been nasty. Nonetheless, such bugs are scaring the hell out of me and make me wonder if I should use some other software solution... The restart of the application did help, which is good, I guess, but it certainly doesn't mean that the situation shouldn't be addressed. Encrypted data is, after all, the most essential information I keep in Evernote and when it disappears before my eyes is certainly not appealing. EDIT: Scratch that. I am losing the encrypted info on decryption once again and now I lost the history as well somehow. Now I can't get the decrypted info at all, it disappears all the time. The option to "decrypt permanently" just keeps on showing the encrypted text... I can't get access to my essential data at all. EDIT: After trying to get around this for a while, I decided to create a LastPass account to store all my sensitive notes. I've been using Evernote for a long while, being very happy with it overall until now. I am sad to move at least some of the data that could have been potentially handled by Evernote somewhere else.
  3. First of all, I'm trying to use keyboard as much as possible as, in a lot of cases, it's much faster than using a mouse. Here is a flow that feels very natural to me: I select a notebook I need using "Alt + Shift + N" then I would want to find a specific note, so I use F6 to jump to the search bar. When I do the last action, the selected notebook (which was in the search bar prior to pressing F6) disappears and I can either search Evernote-wide or have to type "notebook:+name" to get the result I want. This feels weird and not very friendly. Now if I select a notebook and then use a mouse to jump to the search bar, the notebook selection will remain intact. Why is there such a difference in behavior? Is there a way to change this somehow?
  4. When auto-capitalization is enabled on my iPad, every word in an Evernote title is capitalized. I don't see such behavior on Android (where I also have auto-capitalization) and I really would like to have an ability to disable it. Not only I don't expect to have all the titles of my notes capitalized, at least I would expect to have them capitalized in a proper manner. Right never every word in an Evernote title is written in capitals, even prepositions like "from", "in" and so on, which I have never seen capitalized in any title. I use auto-capitalization to always start the sentence from a capital letter. I'm used to it on all my mobile devices. I don't want anything else from it. This is the first time I felt like disabling an otherwise cool feature. Sadly, disabling it means not having it OS-wise while I just don't want it to ***** up with my Evernote note titles.
  5. Sorry for misinformation as it certainly works on Windows. It still doesn't work on Mac OS X though where I originally experienced the problem. I then came to work and tried testing the same behaviour on Windows machine but failed to notice that it works correctly. Now I'm back on Mac and I can certainly reproduce the problem. Here are some screenshots showing the results for "c" search, then "b" (both working) and finally "a":
  6. I have a set of notes with the following titles: h ii w a... h ii w b... h ii w c... When I want to filter all notes containing c, I use the following exact search: intitle:"h ii w c" and it works like a charm. But when I type intitle:"h ii w a" I get all the above notes, including a, b and c. Why is that? I've tried this in both Windows and Mac OS X client versions of Evernote.
  7. +1 I can't work without an ability to zoom in/out whenever I need to. I constantly do it everywhere I have to read something: browsers, word processors and text editors, even IDE. Every piece of software I use has the zoom option implemented for a long time already. Evernote is far behind. I find myself using Evernote less and less just because of that and using OneNote instead... Sadly.
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