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Why do my email notifications from this forum keep being marked as spam?

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The email notifications I get from this forum to let me know of new replies keep getting marked as spam by gmail and I don't understand why.


I go through my spam folder and check them as not being spam so they then get moved to my inbox. That usually takes care of such problems, but for some reason the notification emails from the EN forum still end up in my spam folder just about every time.



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Is this Gmail? I can't read :P

You are not the only one. I have had the same issue.

For whatever reason, they are putting it in the spam folder and the only way to avoid this is to set up a filter in gmail to stop this.

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Been there,  done that,  ripped the t-shirt..


(Actually I think this is a Gmail change - another gmail address of mine suddenly started moving valid inbound emails into the Spam folder,  it's certainly not just Forum posts that are affected...)

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