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Evernote Feature turn OFF /ON IOS7

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Do you mean you want to turn off the Places item that shows on the Evernote home screen? Or do you mean you want to disable location services for Evernote? I seem to recall that editing what appears on the Evernote's home screen is a premium feature. I have an Edit button at the very bottom of the page. You may have to swipe down to see it as it gets hidden behind the quick note panel.

If you wish to turn off locations services for Evernote, Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Evernote>Off

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Can a wifi only iPad even use location service with out gps or cell networks?


A WiFi only iPad can get location data from local WiFi networks, as long as those networks are in Apple's location database. 

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I've tried everything, I've disabled the location setting in iPad Air privacy section to no avail. In addition what is in the location field for the note makes no sense. This really needs to be addressed. It mars an otherwise good application. The semantics and associated settings mechanisms - or lack thereof - are really not well thought out here. 

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Can a wifi only iPad even use location service with out gps or cell networks?


A WiFi only iPad can get location data from local WiFi networks, as long as those networks are in Apple's location database. 


And can EN use this to mark notes with location then?


Yes. Same with your wifi enabled Mac (which does not possess GPS capabilities). 

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The Places section will not go away if you disable location services. The presence of the "Places" section is not predicated on 1) being able to detect your location, or 2) the presences of notes with location data. It exists even if both 1 and 2 are false. 


In Evernote 7.3, click your user name at the top of the homescreen

1) Click "Customize home screen"

2) disable "Places"

3) Carry on your merry little way. 

As of 7.3, customizations like this are available to free and premium users. 


Now, as has been mentioned, the presences of "Places" in the app is different from Evernote's capacity to collect location data. You will, as you have already done, need to go into the iOS settings to deny location services to Evernote, if this is something that concerns you.

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Thanks for the response. However, I followed your instructions to the "T." However, within Customize Home Screen, there is no Places setting. I've scrolled the window so I haven't missed it. I have the iPad Air with Evernote 7.3. I can't understand why i don't see/have it if you do.



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Unfrotunately I do not have my iPad with me at my office today, but from my iPhone, here is the "Customize Home Screen" options:




Now, the thing to remember, this option is entirely a visual thing. It has no effect whatsoever on what data Evernote collects, or has stored already. The reason I point this out is that if your concerns are related to privacy, then removing "Places" from your homescreen will not really make a difference. Your inability to remove it, then, does not indicate that your privacy is compromised. 


If you are concerned about the appearance of the home screen, then there's a different story. 


Can you please post a screenshot of your "Configure home screen" page?

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That is truly odd. 

I tried to reproduce this by denying Evernote my location data and revisiting the customize home screen, but I still had the option...

Two suggestions:

1) Try logging out and then back in. That sometimes clears some whacky cobwebs

2) try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, also good for cobweb clearing. This will also reset all the permission prompts and stuff so you can accept/deny permissions as they are requested. 


This definitely looks like it could be a bug because it really SHOULD be there for your to remove/add from/to the home screen. You may want to submit a support ticket just so Evernote is aware of the bug. They may also have a workaround for you. 



More information though:

It is still not clear to me what your concern is. 

  • Are you concerned about privacy? That is, are you hoping to prevent Evernote from storing location data in your notes?
  • Are you concerned about the appearance of the home screen? That is, you are looking to clear the clutter of features you don't use?

If it is the first, then you have already accomplished this when you changed your iOS privacy settings. The Home Screen settings have no impact on privacy. 

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