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  1. Thank you and I could send in a ticket once I asked the question correctly. The worry is you cannot just put in a question.
  2. Hello does anyone know how to contact Evernote directly? It is great they have a user community but sometimes you need to talk to Evernote directly. All a business users you would think we could contact Evernote directly. So if anyone can help me please let me know. Thank you,
  3. I think you missed my point, but thank you for your answer. Why would this be different between an iPad and an iPhone? With IOS7 this should be the same.
  4. Also it does not show up in "Evernote, Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Evernote>Off" on my iPad. So I cannot tell if I have it on or off.
  5. I turned Location services off with "Evernote, Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Evernote>Off". But when you open Evernote it still shows Places. Would this not go away went Location is turned off?
  6. Does anyone know how to turn off Places on IOS7. I do not need this and what to disable it. Some may have it off and want to enable so please let me know.
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