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(Archived) Bug: Again "Unable to Save Document" problem.


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I found the error message 'Unable to save document' again, but this time I found the bug and the solution.


What I do is:

1) Take a photo with the camera in Evernote for Android (v5.6.1) with my cell phone.

2) Sync

3) Open the note with Evernote for Mac

4) Markup the photo, and when I try to save I get the message 'Unable to save document'


The problem is that EN for android save the photo within the note WITHOUT extension. The name is simply 'image'

If I rename the file and add the extensión .png, the message go away.


For me this is a bug...

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Similar problem in windows  Windows Release Notes:


when I edit the picture inside android  evernote (with quickpic for example ) there is no problem

When I drag and drop the image on my pc, often it's impossibile to edit the image (I can open it with paint or MS Picture manager, but cannot edit it) because cannot save the changes.

I confirm, however, image files are saved without extension.

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Still similar problem here, Android 2.3 (evernote 5.7) and OSX 10.9 (evernote 5.4.4)


Images are saved without extension... this is a bug.



@Bushwhacker: Thanks for the trick ;)  Image annotation is possible only after renaming with png extension.



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