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(Archived) Rearranging notes

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Sorry for asking a pretty basic question. Brand new user here.

How do I rearrange notes? It looks possible -- when I left-click and drag a note, I see an image representing the note moving with the cursor. It feels like I'm about to reorder the notes, but the note icon always goes back to the original position.

Is it possible to rearrange the notes in a given notebook?


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The notes are organized by dates, but you can bring up the note list and sort on a different column to sort them by title, etc. This is sort of like mail in your mail client ... you can search and sort your mail by various criteria.

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Sorry, I'm a complete newbie...

I found a way to sort the notes by either creation date or last mod date, but it requires that I publish the notebook. Basically, in the left hand green notebook box, click on "edit | properties". But the only choices appear to be creation date and last mod date.

Is there a way of displaying them in arbitrary order?

If not, then by alphabetical order of note title would be good. Is that possible?


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If you're using the Mac client: View > List View

On Windows: View > Note List

Once you do that, you should see a list with multiple columns. If you click on the header of any of those columns, your notes will be resorted based on that column. So clicking on the "Title" column will sort the notes by title.

There's no way to arbitrarily re-order the notes apart from sorting by these columns.

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OK, I'm a little sheepish here.

I've been using the web interface for everything. I realize you have clients for Windows and iPhone, but web is always better for me since I'm primarily a Linux user who has to use Windows for work. I'm guessing this feature isn't available for the web interface to Evernote?

Sorry for asking so many questions. :(

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I really need some way to sort notes. I need to be able to rearrange them by priority etc... within the notebooks. I am still pretty new here and use the windows and iphone clients (mostly windows) but it seems there should be a drag and drop or some way to do this. It be a plus if we could move the notes around within the notebook without ever having to go to the note list.

Is Evernote even considering this for the future ?

Other than that, so far Evernote rocks for me !!!

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tkeela - Evernote works like a mail system, so you can sort based on lots of different criteria (title, dates, etc.), and you can organize your notes to find them later by text search, tags, notebooks, etc. We don't have a way to create a separate manual ordering for notes.

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I've been having a grand time coming up to speed on EN this weekend.

I find myself struggling with one thing at the moment: the fact that I only have time, numbers and alphabet options to sort my notes in each notebook. It would be awesome to be able to drag and drop notes according to some kind of notebook logic that is content driven. A Notebook is a notebook not a mail archive. There are so many great, flexible features to EN. I'm having a blast with it. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can take my Notebooks to the next level and organize them insightfully as an artist.

Thanks for listening!!

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I think this would be a really nice feature that evernote is sadly lacking.

Couldn't implementing it be as simple as just adding a sort by custom option in addition to name, size, updated, etc. and then presumably every note is already stored as an object in memory just add a new attribute named something like index each with a unique int. In addition there would ideally be the ability to drag and drop the notes from the list which would obv need to update all the indexes between where the note was initially and where it ended. New notes could just be added to the end of the list with an index of the last note's index + 1 and if a note gets deleted then you could either decrement all the notes after it or just leave them as is and remember that the indexes are ordered by index but that every int might not be represented.

I'm just kind of waving my hands at this point, but I don't think anything about it would be impossible and/or that challenging to implement especially compared to some of the other awesome things you guys have already done. Keep up the good work!

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