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  1. I think this would be a really nice feature that evernote is sadly lacking. Couldn't implementing it be as simple as just adding a sort by custom option in addition to name, size, updated, etc. and then presumably every note is already stored as an object in memory just add a new attribute named something like index each with a unique int. In addition there would ideally be the ability to drag and drop the notes from the list which would obv need to update all the indexes between where the note was initially and where it ended. New notes could just be added to the end of the list with an index of the last note's index + 1 and if a note gets deleted then you could either decrement all the notes after it or just leave them as is and remember that the indexes are ordered by index but that every int might not be represented. I'm just kind of waving my hands at this point, but I don't think anything about it would be impossible and/or that challenging to implement especially compared to some of the other awesome things you guys have already done. Keep up the good work!
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