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(Archived) (Archived) Problems with version 5.6 on Android


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I have some problems with the final version 5.6 of Evernote for Android.


1) I can't see files in-line within the note. Works only for image files, but not for PDF for example.


2) In a new note, if I click on the little page icon at top right (at the right of the paper clip icon), I get the message 'no activity found to handle this action' and nothing happens. The same if I click on camera icon on the left panel.


Please need some help.


Using Evernote for android version 5.6(1056044-publi-com.evernote), in a cell phone Motorola Razr I with Android 4.1.2

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I have a problem with the page camera in the latest version. When I position the camera so that the page fills the preview window, the image uploaded includes a lot of space around the page. Approximately 8 - 10 cm above, below, left and right of the page. I am using the page camera to capture an Evernote Moleskine page. 

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