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  1. I am having problems using the Windows Desktop client on a Windows 8.1 PC that has a touch screen. The PC is an Asus T100 - a convertible laptop/tablet. The desktop client behaves itself when I use a mouse, but when I use the touch screen in either laptop or tablet mode I cause all sorts of havoc. I have problems scrolling the left column that contains notebooks and tags. I have less than 10 notebooks but a multitude of nested tags.When I attempt to scroll I inadvertently pick up notebooks and drop them in different stacks or create new stacks and I pick up tags and drop them on other tags creating even deeper nesting. I can fix the problems using the mouse but basically the desktop client is unusable in tablet mode. I have installed Evernote Touch but it only synced about half of my notes 700 from a total of 1500. One feature missing from Evernote Touch is the ability to change the creation date (I scan correspondence in batches and like to update the creation date to the date of the correspondence - not the date scanned). On top of all that I am now getting an error message about syncronisation failing because of a problem on the client side. I've found other threads on that problem and will try them out this evening.
  2. Uninstalling and then reinstalling has resolved the page camera problem, The first page capture looks better than most I've been capturing recently. Evernote found the edges of the page and trimmed correctly.
  3. I have a problem with the page camera in the latest version. When I position the camera so that the page fills the preview window, the image uploaded includes a lot of space around the page. Approximately 8 - 10 cm above, below, left and right of the page. I am using the page camera to capture an Evernote Moleskine page.
  4. I am having problems too - HTC Desire X (a 5MP camera with flash). The images seem pretty good but there is no flattening or straightening of the image. I've only just bought the Moleskine and have tried capturing the pages numerous times. I have read the guides. I may go back to CamScanner, I was getting better results with CamScanner and cheap notebooks.
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