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(Archived) Two accounts under one androit account.


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This is from the German Google+ forum.


The question is if it's possible to have two EN accounts under the same andorit user account that also allows fast switching without having to download the full database everytime.


In this case the person that asks has a account from his company and a private one, so one is a free one while the other is a paid. account.


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Does anyone knows if the Customer support can just comnine both accounts?

And yes the person that asked that asked the customer support but didn't get any answer.


If the user has access to both accounts and really wants to merge them I'd go with the share idea above but then drag notes from the shared notebook into another notebook in the account you;re going to keep.  Then go back to the account which is doing the sharing and delete all notes.  You could inform Customer Service that account is closed and leave it up to them to delete it.  (Make sure you don't have an important user name or email address locked in there..)


I don't know if CS could merge accounts,  but if they're not answering emails it's academic whether they can or not.  I'll flag that point for someone to look in to..

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