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  1. I am not sure about that, but I know from other companies like TuneIn, they have an awesome email support by the way, that every email can only be used ones and a deactivation of an account will not free an email, but that tech support will just switch both emails for you without a problem.
  2. 2. 100 stairs. yesterday i did 100 floors (that works out to something like 1600 steps i think) with the stairmaster, but that takes nearly twenty minutes, and i don't have much time in the mornings, so i am in a conundrum. i only did 40 floors this morning, and i'll see if i have time tonight to do the other 60. You are better than most fire fighters, unless you are doing it wrong. What kind of a Stairmaster are you using?
  3. If you ever have an opening for a German speaking tech support, let me know.
  4. Jealous much? That's the only reason I can think of why you'd post such silly comments that have no relevance. But thanks for playing. Sorry cutiepie, I could care less about someone like you that thinks his postings count makes him a better person. I am not here to get a high postings count and like you I don't spend my life in an Evernote forum.
  5. So I was wondering, because you are here MUCH longer than others, what does make you think that you are better than others? I don't & I don't know why you think that. I do think I know what Evernote is about more than others. So you work for Evernote? If not, you have a couple of friends that tell you about stuff in this company? Or you just assume that your postings count makes you know it better?
  6. So I was wondering, because you are here MUCH longer than others, what does make you think that you are better than others?
  7. In the German Google+ group for EN they had the same problem. The other problem is that they don't get any German Customer support, so sending a ticket to the support isn't an option. So is here anybody that can help, as I can't just send tickets for people in other countries, this would be just wrong.
  8. A little update in this one, you have to write to support@evernote.com and ask for a gift option. My German friends won't be very happy about that.
  9. Now I also know a couple of people in the German Google+ group that have the same problem. As a German speaker, I wonder why you guys still don't have a German support that could help with this problem. I am already translating from here almost weekly to the German group as not everybody that has Evernote actually is able to speak English or is willingly to come here when they have a paid account. So is there something Evernote can do, or do I have do ask for the Germans in general at PayPal?
  10. Actually you misunderstood me. I said, that single documents should be password protected again, so that the mobile client can stay open as most users like it. I am not sure if you ever worked with password protected documents in Office, but while your computer might have a password and you can leave it unlocked all day long, just to open this one document, you need an extra password again. So just password protect a Notebook, so you need to enter maybe a different password than your Evernote password just to open the notebook. This way most people have what they want, as they just want that people can't open single notebooks from evernote, while all the other ones are an open book to everyone that comes along the computer.
  11. Actually I was wondering why not doing something totally different in order to get right this done without really encrypt the data. As far as I can see it, some people want that the notebook needs to be password protected but on the other side evernote doesn't want to do this as it would cost more and the system isn't build for that. So why not just password protect the notebook so when you first want to open it, it asks for a password just to look at it, this can't be so hard to be implemented. Together with an auto logout, that asks for a password when the file is shown more than like five minutes, you have almost the same,e thing as people are asking for as a someone that wouipd like to see it needs password anyways.
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