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  1. In other companies they have a different believe. Actually, most/many other companies don't need tech people for first level support, as Metrodon has repeatedly stated. First level normally has a protocol to adhere to that filters out people who don't have their computer turned on, aren't logged in, etc. Anyone who can read & follow directions is qualified. It is a waste of valuable resources (tech people who are more highly paid than first responders) to filter out the more common & repeated issues. This reminds me of the US Army, when the device is sent up to the higher support they can do everything but change a light bulb, they have to call low level support to get that indicator light changed. What a waste of resources. I know from Buffalo Tech that the Level one support can already fix most issues that are out there. Other companies might sent the same problems to Level two or three support. And this seems to be the problem with EN and many other companies, you hire people that can't change a light bulb and than wonder why the support is so bad. If EN would get a more efficent Level one tech support, they would make the users happier even when a problem can't be solved.
  2. In other companies they have a different believe.
  3. I am not sure about that, but I know from other companies like TuneIn, they have an awesome email support by the way, that every email can only be used ones and a deactivation of an account will not free an email, but that tech support will just switch both emails for you without a problem.
  4. As far as I know Even was or is manager in Austin for the tech support. That's the place that hired book authors instead of tech people. And I know that as I got an answer from one and as this person is also in the German EN Google+ group I just looked it up.
  5. Back when Heather ran it, whenever someone complained about not receiving support (premium or free!) & posted a ticket number, nine times out of ten, it was b/c the reply from Evernote had gone to the user's spam/junk box or the user had not replied to the latest email from Evernote. And the few tickets that truly did fall through the cracks were owned by Heather & got expedited. How long before Evan was that?
  6. The official stance is that free users are, for most types of issues, prioritized after premium users. Practically speaking (as far as I can tell), that means that free users won't be handled individually, at least until there's a real slowdown in support requests by premium users or staffing is increased enough to handle the premium traffic more rapidly. For certain types of issues (account access and payment issues), though, they will try to handle you more efficiently. And bug reports should always be allowed, though, free users shouldn't expect feedback from those, unless clarification is required. You can get a fair amount of free support here in the forums, and that's enough for many types of issues. How many tickets do they get per day if I may ask? And how many tickets does one work on per hour? I mean the average would be 13 to 15 tickets per hour, good people can do 30 tickets per hour and that all with a First Ticket Resolution of I would say 80% you shouldn't have a problem giving free users also free support.
  7. Actually I have not seen that button. The last update on my Nexus 7 first generation made the app so slow that I open it like ones per week or so. Form should follow function and I have seen so many apps that wanted to look good with less working functions, please go back to the function part before you do any form parts.
  8. 2. 100 stairs. yesterday i did 100 floors (that works out to something like 1600 steps i think) with the stairmaster, but that takes nearly twenty minutes, and i don't have much time in the mornings, so i am in a conundrum. i only did 40 floors this morning, and i'll see if i have time tonight to do the other 60. You are better than most fire fighters, unless you are doing it wrong. What kind of a Stairmaster are you using?
  9. That's why other companies have people working on Saturday and Sundays as tickets also add up on the weekend. Especially when it comes to a password reset in case the system doesn't work, people shouldn't have to wait more than 24 hours at the most. But this is only my professional opinion.
  10. Florian, Are you German by any chance? If so, the German User Google+ group will will you faster than the support.
  11. This is one of these umbrella permissions Android now has and most apps need it to function properly even if they don't use it at all. Had the same question at my work place, and I just asked my development team yesterday.
  12. If you ever have an opening for a German speaking tech support, let me know.
  13. This comes again from the German Google+ Evernote group. Someone has problems to export his 9500 notes. After 700 notes the export crashes or freezes. I know makes no difference but that's what was stated. So he tried to resync from the debug menu and it took just 24 hours to do so, but he said 10 notes were not synced. Unfortunately he doesn't know what he lost. Also is there some way to get a backup of his notes?
  14. The problem I see is not that they have flaws in the program, but how they handle it. There is a EN Google+ group that has 1700 German speaking users and plenty of them say that the German customer support has only the answer to reinstall EN and when this doesn't work there is no further answer. Why even having such a support when this support is not answering the tickets as it should. I know they might answer some, but the first answer is always reinstall and not real help. I wish this problem would been taken care of, so I don't have to copy the answers from there to here and the answers or no answers back to that group. And they can't ask here as German is not a language that is not allowed in this forum here.
  15. This is from the German Google+ Evernote group. Does anybody here as a problem with the open with field? Several users have the problem that when they want to use the open with menu that can be reached with a right click is just empty. They have add skitch again in order to have it show up. Shouldn't this be a standard program when it comes to the EN Windows client?
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