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(Archived) Feature request: Printing multiple notes on one page

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One of my Evernote notebooks is a diary of sorts, consisting of short text entries. Evernote works great for this use (I especially love being able to view the notes on my iPhone), except for one problem: Printing. Sometimes I need a printout of some or all of these notes, and getting a ton of separate pages with a little bit of text on each, is useless.

I would suggest an option to print notes continuously -- without page breaks so to speak. I need to have the notes dated; ideally the separator should be customizable (some people might want tags or date of last update or double lines with a star on top or what have you), but for starters I think the creation date and a couple of blank lines will do just fine.

This could be useful for a lot of people, I think, since EN notes often are short and can relate to the same topic. So, for those of us who haven't gone entirely paperless, could we have some improved printing capabilities, pretty please?

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I'm on a mac, and I can't seem to find any mention of a "current tape" anywhere in my EN client. Where should it be? I'm getting a strong suspicion that this is windows only…

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Do you have a Page Setup dialog of some sort? On my windows version, there is an option on the page setup for "Print each note on a separate page". If you deselect it, then they get printed one after the other.


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These options are not currently available in the Mac version. I use both versions and definitely noticed the difference there! The Mac print dialog just shows the standard options for all apps, no Evernote-specific options. You can select multiple notes and choose print, but as far as I can tell they all come out on separate pages. If you try to preview them using normal mac "Open PDF in Preview" functionality, you get a separate PDF for each note.

I remember running into this a while back when I wanted to combine several book review notes clipped from the web into a single printout to take to the bookstore. I think I ended up just copying all the notes into a word processing document and printing that.

I'm pretty sure there was a post somewhere in this forum about this, where the EN people mentioned needing to improve this, but now I'm not sure. Hopefully mac side will eventually get some better printing options.

Edit: just figured out how to attach a screenshot - here's the mac print dialog. I actually have 2 notes selected, but as you can see, the preview part is showing page 1 of 1 and not showing that the second note will print at all.


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I am taking notes of different subjects on an agenda. I have created a tag for the agenda date, tags for agenda subjects, and, of course, titles to the notes. I need to print all the agenda notes on one page (or several pages since there are several notes), but continuously, not one per page. (I have a Mac.)

So, this is the way the agenda would sort itself:

2/19/10 Agenda (collects all the notes with this tage)

xyz Committee (organizes all the notes for this committee)

A-Z Note titles (organizes all the notes in a particular committee by the title, A-Z)

I have downloaded the newest version of EverNote. I have a Mac at home and a PC at work, so working with a web version was appealing because I could work on the same subject at both home and work. I was also going to upgrade to the Premium version so a committee member in a different city could add his/her notes. However, if I cannot print an agenda, then EverNote won't work for me.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I haven't found a way, yet. After reading the forum entries, I think the answer, unfortunately, may be NO.

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