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  1. And this is the print dialogue I get which also shows the options that can be selected. As I said I am using Windows.
  2. I use a PC so cannot help you with this except to say that the option in Windows appears in the print dialogue box once I have asked to print a note
  3. Hi I think the option to print "Current Tape" might cover this, leave the print each note on a separate page unticked.
  4. This post needs to be ignorred. EN is fantastic and looking at the big picture helps me enormously.
  5. Just to share something I have been doing recently when I need a reply to an email. I send a copy (bcc) to my EN and then mark the points in the email that need a response with the "todo" check box. I can check EN periodically for unanswered emails - or even unanswered points within an email. So much easier than any other method I have tried. Well done EN - I am such a big fan.
  6. OK you've convinced me as you make it sound nice and easy I would probably find it quite useful after all, if it gets added.
  7. Why all the fuss about hyper-linking notes? The average user would not be able to work with them anyway. The EN search is good enough for most uses. Lets keep this simple please.
  8. Yes please, I too use Gmail and wait hopefully for EN to work well with it.
  9. I just want to say that I like the tags as they are and see no need at all for subnotebooks. Being able to nest tags and apply them across all Notebooks wits well with how I use EN. Please, no change here.
  10. I agree. I hold back from send emails to clients when I know they will be carrying a branding message of sone other service. It would b egreat to do so but I cannot until they are removed. I am happy to be a premium user ( I believe we need to pay if we want something ) but the premium service would be so much more if the emails were sent without the large Evernote message included.
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