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(Archived) Annoying: Forum registration AND Text editor

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Two very annoying things in Evernote:

1) Having to re-register to participate in the forums. I am already a registered Evernote user!! How many times do you want me to register???

2) Text edition when creating/editing notes online. It's simply BAD. There is no easy way to paste text in it and keep it formated decently. That's UI 101. Come on....

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This post needs to be ignorred. EN is fantastic and looking at the big picture helps me enormously.

Not good forum etiquette djtony. Everyone has their right to put in their two cents worth about what they would like to see improved.

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1) The redundant forum accounts are definitely a hassle. This is, unfortunately, for completely historic reasons. The Evernote forums are running on a standard forum software package (phpBB), and have existed for several years before we launched the Evernote service. The only way we could have had a unified forum+service would have been to toss out the old forum completely and start from scratch. This would have been a fair amount of work and would not have been particularly popular with existing forum users (for example, I assume, crane).

2) Thanks for the feedback about creating notes via the web interface. We're continuing to improve the web experience, but you may get better results using one of our desktop clients:


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Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the tone of my original post, but I was quite disappointed.

1) Annoying, but understandable (I guess). However, I wonder if a database merge would be possible.

2) I am reluctant to clutter my computer with more software if I can do the same through the internet browser. I'll give it a try though. Nevertheless, the web interface is no good for today's standards.

2b) The web interface should understand hyperlinks. Having to create them myself is quite primitive.


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Please find a way to fix the forum registration issue. It's ridiculous to make your users waste their time registering twice. If you can't merge the login systems, just have Evernote create a forum account automatically whenever a registered user goes into the forums for the first time.

One other thing: the tab order on the registration page is messed. Tabbing from the confirm password field goes to the Evernote logo instead of the language field.

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Forum registration is annoying but only needs to be done once. If y'all have the source code for the phpbb forum, perhaps you could implement openit between Evernote, the Forum and anything else that could benefit from universal authentication. Or, you could ditch the phpbb... It's oldschool. Forum implementations have improved over the last few years and are steering away from the phpbb standards.

Keep up the good work!

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