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(Archived) highlight in searching results


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In searching notes, some phrases can be highlighted, but some cannot.

Fortunately, no items are missed.


The text searched is pasted from a text file (simple txt!!!).

And if the key phrase searched is manually typed in the same note, the typed part can be automatically highlighted in searching, but the part pasted from text file cannot.


Is there anybody else observing this?

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It's possible that with different formatting between notes the search hits are processed differently.  If it causes you an issue at any stage I'd suggest submitting a support request.


The notes contain only simple English characters pasted from text files and treated with Simplying Formatting. Nothing to do with formatting.


The EN team maybe is aware of the bug.

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but if you're pasting from another format,  maybe your search term qualifies as a close match rather than an exact one,  and that's why the highlight doesn't work?


The text contains only simple characters - spaces, letters and numbers.

I checked it again and again to make sure no control characters being buried in it.

No bold font, no italic font. only plain text.

Some phrases can be highlighted, some cannot.


I think that anybody else can easily check this: paste a paragraph from a text file into EN, search a phrase (not single word), type manually the phare in the same note and search again.

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