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(Archived) Auto complete / auto text in Notes

Shiraz Mistry

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Hi all,


Will there be a way to create notes with auto complete and auto text entries?


For example, many of my recent notes had the words 'Samsung Galaxy Note 3' in the body of the note. I would have liked to have a short cut key combination or auto complete since I have used this term so often.


What do you think? Is this a worthwhile suggestion or simply "nice to have". Please write constructive comments so we can have a meaningful dialogue here.


Thanks for your time. :)

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I would also like to see this feature.


I'm often making notes that contain a repeating structure.


It would be great to have it detect the pattern of the repeating words, then a simple key sequence to insert the prediction or to expand the prediction list.


Something to the effect of:


Server 1:

      Name: alpha1

      Details: Web

      Specs: etc


Ser[server?] (press shift enter to insert the word or ctrl+shift+enter for other possible entries)


ctrl+shift+enter pops open a list that could contain a skeleton of the above with incremented numbers and preserving spaces after points if they existed above. Maybe even going so far as to ask how many repetitions to insert?


Server 2:





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Since you're on Windows, this is exactly the sort of thing that the 3rd-party programs like AutoHotKey and PhraseExpander were designed for.


I would also suggest when people mention 3rd-party programs like PhraseExpander they would also let us know it is trial software. In this case, 21 days.



Hello Shiraz,


That may be right for PhraseExpander, but:


Autohotkey is Opensource -> http://www.autohotkey.com/


Kind regards



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