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  1. Hi, I do not understand why someone wants to sync the EN-Account from scratch even when the Computer crashes? EN creates (on Windows PCs) a Databases-Folder (I suppose, on Macs it is not very different). My simple solution was (and is) to copy the complete Databases-Folder regularly on an external device. I had a System Crash a few weeks ago, set up the system, installed EN and replaced the Databases-Folder before logging in EN for the first time. The syncing was quickly done and I have not lost a single note. Kind regards, Olli
  2. Hi, Jefito, yes, I think "user-determined" is what I wanted to express. "Nearly undestroyable" is a reference to an order-system created by us users (read: page-numbers), that can't be edit by an EN-automatic like - for example - the Edit-date. Thanks for clarification!
  3. @BurgersNFries: First: Thanks for the Information about the Notebooks. I agree that EN is about "about organizing & retrieving data", as you have written. But I disagree on "This is not what Evernote is about." To me the ability to SORT Notes is part of the Organisation. And the given Sort-Options (Title, Creation-Date, Change-Date) are somewhat wobbly... In (my) real world I have a lot of stuff organized - and everything follows a sorting Order. Books, receipts, reports, documents, bills, etc. pp. Page Numbers would improve EN in the sense, that Notes could become better organized (!) in Clusters. I think everyone who collects Notes on a specific topic would not be offended to have an opportunity to sort them by an nearly undestroyable self-determinded Page-Number-System :-) @gmc Thanks for the Link about the "Bates Number Scheme". This applied to EN ... :-)
  4. Hi, as far as I know, Evernote has not the option to generate "page numbers". This is a great hindrance, because I have some Notebooks where I want to sort my notes in a fixed order. It would be a nice feature to be able to rearrange Notes within a Notebook by pagenumbers. Background: 1. I use and scan handwritten notes and want to bring them into a new order - not always sort by date. 2. I often write Instructions for my colleagues and it would be nice, if they could scan through them in a definite order. Every update on a note "kills" the order by date. The use of a table of content in a new note is cumbersome, because not all of my colleagues put these special notes in their favorites. 3. For presentations a definite order by pagenumbers (and the chance to rearrange them) would be a new killer feature for me. 4. Being able to use page numbers would be terrific for all users who writes a lot and wants to order their notes in chapters. My actual workaround is using [xxx] (xxx for pagenumbers 000 to 999) at the beginning of each title - but this is very timeconsuming, when I have to handle a lot of notes. Any suggestions how to accomplish this? Thanks for your help, kind regards, Olli
  5. Hi Adriaan, agreed. For this reason I use the handwriting only on my Note II - that works well - and not on my tablet - this is a mess. Kind regards, Olli
  6. Hi, is there a way to export all tags to a txt-file (or into a EN-Note)? Kind regards Olli
  7. Hi Jefito, I use EN for professional issues too. But I simple share Notebooks - not the EN-Account itself as imperative has mentioned. This is a big difference to me. Even at work I have "personal" notes, that are important for my work and I store them into "my" EN-Account. So I can't see the advantage for sharing the whole EN-account instead of some notebooks. So that's the reason why I found (and still find) this idea funny :-) In fact, I use two (paid) EN-Accounts: one for professional issues, one for private ones. They are connected via one notebook ("_interchange_notes"), in case I have to transfer notes from one account to another. This works very well to me. Kind regards, Olli
  8. Hi imperative, another suggestion: Create a second Evernote Account.Create a notebook within this Account.Put your "locked" notes in this notebook.Share this notebook as readonly with your "Group-Evernote-Account".Result: No one with access to the Group-Evernote-Account will be able to delete/change the notes of the shared notebook. By the way: Sharing an Evernote Account is a funny idea to me... :-) Kind regards, Olli
  9. Hi Gazumped, thanks for clarification! Kind regards, Olli
  10. Hi StephenG, without Evernote on your Android there is no Evenote Database to communicate. 1. Step: The SNote Application saves the content to your local Android Evernote Database 2. Step This information will be synced through Evernote. But as far as I know - is EN not preinstalled on your Galaxy Note 3 (see in the rubric "Samsung Apps" in the App-Section). Kind regards, Olli
  11. Hi, I just logged in to my Web-Account from Evernote and was prompted to verificate my E-Mail Adress. Puzzled, because I never got such a request before (my very first registration left aside). Does this happen to you as well? Thanks, Olli
  12. I had a similar problem on my Samsung Tablet. Evernote came preinstalled on this Tablet, and I found it in a folder called Samsung in the App-Section. Kind regards, Olli
  13. Hi, JimboH, I'm working on an Android Tablet - but perhaps my workaround may be helpful. Whenever I feel the need to annotate an Document like an E-Mail, Word-Document etc., I use the screenshot-Function of my Tablet. This is how it works: - Displaying the Document - Screenshot - Annotation(s) - sharing with Evernote. - Scrolling down - and repeat. The result is a (small) bunch of notes in my EN-Account. I can live with that very well and sometimes it is not bad to have a jpeg from a single page of my documents to share this single page with others. When I'm at home, I connect the notes together in one big note. Kind regards, Olli
  14. Hi, Elchimor, I have the same problem and the only solution is to scan the pages from last page to first page. Sometimes that helps. Kind regards, Olli
  15. Have you tried IFTTT? I think, I have seen a IFTTT-Receipt that could help to transfer EN to WP. Kind regards, Olli
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