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  1. Hello, I am using ENScript.exe on a regular basis. Since the last update it seems to be "gone". Is there any chance to get it back? The new version of Evernote is not my favorite. I am missing the headline with my most used notes, a lot of shortcuts , no more local stored notebooks etc.
  2. Hi, is there a way to export all tags to a txt-file (or into a EN-Note)? Kind regards Olli
  3. Hi, my solution works only for small notes: I have two notebooks: one contains only the original files. I'm very careful with them. These notes get exported and saved away from EN. In EN i have a copy for daily usage. From time to time I delete the copies and replace them with my originals. Sounds complicated, but works for me. The second way could be realized with a second EN Account (I admit, I have one for work and one for private Issues) Create a Notebook and invite your other account for reading only. So content can only be added through one account. Kind regards Olli
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