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ink & screen calibration problem?


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Using an iPad 2 with updated ios....I've bounced back and forth between penultimate and goodnotes.  With the new drift feature and zoom, penultimate can't be beat with evernote integration.

BUT, after a few minutes of writing, my ink suddenly veers up and to the left about 1 inch from my stylus point.  I've rebooted the ipad, fully quit penultimate, turned anchor on/off, etc, but it doesn't correct.  If I leave if for a day or so and come back, it appears to work for awhile then does it again.  It's not usable like that.

Anyone else?

Does someone have a work-around?



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I have exactly the same problem. I have a jot pro and when I start writing everything is ok, then after few minutes the touch point is shifted respect the Center of the stylus.

Please fix it, Penultimate is a great app, but in this way it is very difficult to be used.

is there any calibration procedure ?


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I seem to be experiencing the same issue.  It seems to happen more near the top of a page than near the middle/bottom and only when zoomed in, with drift on or with the anchor set (i.e. not drifting).  It seems to go away at times, but is a little hard to recreate intentionally.  When it does happen, the ink displacement is up and to the left.  Happens with wrist guard on and off; set to the middle right-handed mode when on.  I'm currently using a "dumb" stylus w/ rubber tip (the ~6mm wide variety).  


I'm on an iPad 2 running iOS v7.0.4 and Penultimate v5.0.1.  


I'm a long-time Notability user and have been researching styli with the intention of buying a newer, better stylus than what I'm currently using.  My search made me aware of the new features in Penultimate so I decided to re-download it on the iPad and give it another try.  The new drift feature takes a bit getting used to, but the misplaced ink location from the apparent bug make it unusable for me.  I will keep it installed in hopes the the bug is fixed and I can give the app a fair try.  

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Evernote followed up with me after submitting a ticket.  I've been lightly using penultimate over the last couple days and haven't had any continued occurrance, although I don't recall any update coming out (ios7).  Knock on wood, hope it continues to work.

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We're about a year after the last post added here.

I also have this problem.

I use an Adonit Jot Pro on an iPad mini 3 running iOS 8.

All software is up to date.

When I want to write my ink appears about 1.5 cm 1/2 inch above where my stylus touches the screen.

Are there any solutions for this?

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Sadly same here with regard to the stylus and writing appearing a line or so above  - impossible to use

Just for the record Penultimate 5.  was 45mb and  v6.  is 17mb - This represents a horrendously awful rewrite not an upgrade.

The functionality has been taken out and the team at evernote had to know that before releasing a vastly inferior product - had they only upgraded much of the functionality would not have changed and certainly not disappeared

I am/was a very satisfied long term Penultimate user

Now with the rewrite v6 I have over 75 NON useable notebooks each with over 100 pages representing 3 years work and no way to continue using them. 

Please reinstate v5.

Ypur silence in replying to your user base has reached deafening proportions and continues with either platitudes or further silence

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It seems related to the zoom window, which I am just figuring out. At full scale, my writing is off by 3/8".  If I unpinch to zoom, I get a split window.  Above is the full-sized note, with a blue rectangle to depict the zooomed-in area below.  In the zoomed-in area, my stylus and the lines I draw line up just fine.  Not the case if I close the zoomed window, then my line is off by 3/8" again.


Today I noticed something in the zoomed-in mode: the blue rectangle "thumbnail" in the full-size upper portion does not align with what I am seeing or writing below.  If I write along the top edge of the lower window, the blue rectangle slides along BELOW my text in the upper window, and the offset appears to be identical, about 3/8" below where I see my text above.


This leads me to believe it is, indeed, a software issue.

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OK, so try this.  It worked for me!


1.  Unpinch to zoom into a note

2.  Drag the center circle up to make the lower window big enough to cover the whole screen, like all the way to the top of the screen.


This made the app crash for me.  When I reopened it, it seems to work just fine in both modes, and the zoom rectangle is tracking again like it should.

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