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  1. OK, so try this. It worked for me! 1. Unpinch to zoom into a note 2. Drag the center circle up to make the lower window big enough to cover the whole screen, like all the way to the top of the screen. This made the app crash for me. When I reopened it, it seems to work just fine in both modes, and the zoom rectangle is tracking again like it should.
  2. It seems related to the zoom window, which I am just figuring out. At full scale, my writing is off by 3/8". If I unpinch to zoom, I get a split window. Above is the full-sized note, with a blue rectangle to depict the zooomed-in area below. In the zoomed-in area, my stylus and the lines I draw line up just fine. Not the case if I close the zoomed window, then my line is off by 3/8" again. Today I noticed something in the zoomed-in mode: the blue rectangle "thumbnail" in the full-size upper portion does not align with what I am seeing or writing below. If I write along the top edge of the lower window, the blue rectangle slides along BELOW my text in the upper window, and the offset appears to be identical, about 3/8" below where I see my text above. This leads me to believe it is, indeed, a software issue.
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