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Creating a Mood Board in Evernote


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I read the article "Creating a mood board with Evernote -- part of Evernote's Creative Series" by Julie Gornoll and thought it would be very useful for me to do. Especially since I have multiple projects and am using Evernote at work and home on multiple devices.


I wanted to know if anyone could tell me how Julie arranged the images she did in the picture below (from Julie's article)? The comments below or the article never specified on how she overlapped the pictures and other items.




Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Unfortunately she did *not* use Evernote to make the moodboard. The wording is a bit misleading. She used Evernote to collect items for the moodboard and then used Adobe Fireworks to make that digital collage you see.


" If I were presenting the mood board in person, I’d have printed everything out and made a giant poster. But they’re in California and I’m in Texas, so I made a big collage using Adobe Fireworks. I added the words myself. I then made a .pdf of the whole thing."

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I agree this was definitely misleading. I'm going to use Pinterest then like I've been doing and creating my moodboard using Adobe then. Also, definitely good to print out your moodboard before presenting it to the client.


Thank you so much for the help! :-)

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It's indeed very misleading, as Evernote choose to promote the article... 


Springpad also has a mode to arrange notes in a Notebook visually. I'm looking for a clean workflow to use my Evernote data within Springpad.  

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