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  1. Thanks Is there any way to work on the Chromebook with text at all if the internet goes down? It goes down at work a lot. I don't mind not being able to access the notes in that case but I will still want to type more. Is there a notes feature separate from Evernote I could use and then copy & paste over when the Internet comes back up?
  2. I use a netbook at work b/c I work with kids and it's the cheapest thing I can use...until now, now there are Chromebooks. My netbook just died and I am trying to decide between a Chromebook and a netbook. I understand that the Chromebook works on an in the cloud philosophy however does anyone here know if I can use Evernote on the Chromebook without being connected to the internet? I'm a little bit confused about the way this works... Oh, I already have a tablet but its not appropriate for work due to how much typing I do when I'm on it (I'd go crazy with a tablet even with a bluetooth keyboard). I need a laptop replacement. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. I'm actually talking about the browser extensions here. When you search Google or Clip a page using the Web Clipper you get related results which you can turn on or off. You can not hide a notebook from showing. Many people use my computer, I don't need (for instance this did happen) my bloodwork notes showing up in the related notes area on a Google search results page when I search Google for cholesterol. It is unhelpful to me as it isn't actually a related note at all and it can be potentially embarrassing if friends or family do a Google search while EN is logged in. Now, I am pretty confused by your second comment. You said to include your username in a Google search to search those notes? It does not make sense to me because a person can not use Google to search an Evernote account just by including a users username in the search. What are you trying to say here? I think I need you to explain your point in a different way.
  4. I still want the feature but I don't want ALL notebooks included in the pool that results are pulled from. If I am doing research for something on Google, It is not helpful to me to have a diary entry come up as a related result in EN. I've asked EN chat agents before and was told it is not possible to hide a notebook from results. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Oh and I agree, I have an organizational problem. Your method won't work for me though, I'll get confused and lost and it won't be efficient at all. I really need things broken up into chunks in order to be able to follow them.
  5. I'm just a single person but I'm a single person with multiple unrelated projects. I was wondering if upgrading to a business account would help some of my organizational issues. Can someone tell me how a Business account might benefit a single user? If I were to have a Business account with two users, let's say "earthabbey" and "earthabbeybiz", what benefits could this be to me? What are the additional information sorting options would I have? There are just little things that supremely annoy me with my current premium account and I've been waiting and waiting but EN does not seem to be changing them. Things such as... - Doing a google search and having a private note to self type note show up in the "related results" - as above but for after clipping articles (I can't believe there is no option to hide certain notebooks from these features for privacy reasons) - I'm find it hard to keep tags organized because a tag may be used in two completely unrelated businesses/projects so either I have to be okay with that or remember the tag I used for each. - I've got 2700 notes, and they are all notes or articles I clipped manually, not auto-generated. With only 2 levels of organization for the notebooks I'm becoming overwhelmed and finding it difficult to remember all the notebooks I have and where they are. I know having 2 users on a biz account will be quite a bit more money $20/mo vs $5/mo but it'll be worth it to stop spending so much time staring blankly confused at the screen, wasting time looking for what tag I am supposed to use, etc. What do you think?
  6. I'm sure a lot of this info is already in the forums but I am frustrated and I hope someone here can just answer these questions rather than spending more hours trying to figure this out on my own. I just switched from Android to iPhone 5S. The first thing I noticed is the limited sharing capability in iPhone. Q1: How do I save the full text of an article into Evernote from my phone without loosing formatting, etc? I need to be able to do it from the browser and from RSS. I already purchased a news reader app but I will buy a different one if needed. What about from Instapaper or Pocket? I was using Everclip before on Android but the app store on iPhone is so frustrating I can't find anything right now. Q2: I purchased Pocket Informant and I used up half the battery running the first sync when I added the Evernote account. I'm at work and it's only 2pm so after an hour I had to cancel because I was down to 35% battery and didn't want to run out of battery the rest of my work day. Will it work if I just let it run? And why is it taking so long, is it trying to download my 3000 articles? .. or just the headers? How do you use Evernote with Pocket Informant? Any neat workflows you want to share? Q3: I use an app called Write Note Pro on Android for sending quick notes to Evernote. It lets me have a few presets for where to send the note and how to tag it. It's a very fast procedure and each note of the same preset will be appended to the previous one if I write more than one in a day. Is there anything like this on iPhone? Q4: What kinds of things can I do now with 3rd party apps I couldn't do on Android? Are there any cool mind mapping ios apps, etc that use/sync/work with evernote? Q5: this is an iphone and not an Evernote question, sorry, but maybe while you're at it you know this one too: Is there any way to have my agenda for the day listed in the Today menu on the phone? Right now it is the full day hour by hour even with all those blank spaces (I usually only have one or two things listed a day so I have to scroll through all that blank to find the one thing -- on Android I have a widget that shows the agenda for that day on the lock screen...any equivalent on iPhone?) Thanks!!
  7. I only just recently noticed that a ton of my clipped articles are unusable for research. They all had a video in the article. Evernote displays a black box for the video and then the rest of the article just completely disappears. Is this a known issue? I'm on Windows but I saw it in the online view also. Really frustrated right now. I tried reclipping some of the articles but the uploaded clip comes out the same so whatever caused the problem is still in the clipper. For instance, this article comes out looking like the attached image. The black box goes on for a while and then the note ends. If I go in and delete the black box the rest of the information shows...i.e. the full article is there, it's just behind the black box. p.s. I posted this in the wrong forum, I meant to put it in the web clipper area
  8. Looks to be working so far, thanks Quick question... if I have received an email, and I make a reply, there does not appear to be a way to collapse my reply in the email "conversation" (the last message in the conversation does not collapse). This means when I clip the email I'm getting both their email and my reply. Is there any way to only get their email? I thought before that you could clip only one email at a time. I didn't use the feature too often though so maybe I'm wrong...
  9. I bet this has already been asked but I can't for the life of me think of a keyword combination for the search. When you make a note link, the text is the title currently on the link. Is there any way to change that text? And SUGGESTION (though it's probably been suggested already) I don't suppose there is any way to have that text auto-update when you change the title of the linked note is there? Thank you!
  10. Oops, on my phone right now. I meant to also say thanks for trying to help though.
  11. No...I'm on a PC on Chrome. Are you using the new clipper (a bar down the side) or the old one (a box in the upper corner)? I'm on the new one. ..... Rgrenader, I know tags can be used the way you are describing but I've actually explained several times in this thread why this wont work for me: I can not memorize that many tags (I'd need a cpl dozen at least) nor remember which tag I chose out of all related words as many of the topics I research are medical or involve names I can't spell.
  12. Yah i understand...and me too which is why i wouldnt use it for normal all the time contacts either. Whatever you use should have an export feature. Export it as plain text, copy & paste the whole thing to at least have the info come up if you search...
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