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(Archived) Hierarchical Tags



Now that I've organized my life around Evernote, I'm finding that many of my tags have become too long to view easily in Evernote apps on the Mac and iOS.  Yes, I could abbreviate to shorten them, but the problem is that I have categories and subcategories. Layers of subcategories have generated longer and longer tags.


The quick fix would be to allow me to see longer tags.


The more elegant solution would be hierarchical tags that support categories and subcategories directly. This approach would also support more precise searching.

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Thanks for your post - your comments will be noted by Evernote,  though there has been a lot of discussion around the care and feeding of tags and (as far as we're aware) no change to the current setup.


Edit: - Sorry;  forgot to say - meantime maybe you could use note links to structure hierarchical pages,  and/or saved searches to jump to different levels of your 'trees'.

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