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(Archived) Followed topic emails

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Recently the emails we receive containing new posts on topics we are following no longer include the author of the post.

Another example of the EN team's over-fondness for minimalism?


It would be far more useful and time-saving if the names of posters could be restored to those emails, precluding the need to go back repeatedly to the forum pages (and consume your bandwidth) to identify the authors.


Please can you restore authorship to the emails?


(I am tagging this message with Mac and iOS tagliolini because I think it is of immediate relevance to followers of these topics, and for fear that if I post it in some other obscure outpost of the forums it will never get noticed.)

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This is a forum matter, so it's not relevant to particular Evernote clients (why would you think it relevant only to Mac and iOS forum posters?). Moved to the General Evernote discussion forum.

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