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  1. Thanks for responding Jay-Bob. 1. Yes, I have been using v. -1.0.5 (30). It was this version that was repeatedly crashing, and when I found a reference to v.7.12.4 I tried to update unsuccessfully. 2. The crashes have seemed to happen randomly, and most often when Safari is running in the background. I have now tried opening the identical set of 9 tabs which I usually have running in Safari, this time in Firefox with its own Web Clipper extension. So far, after 24 hours, Firefox has not crashed. (If it does soon I will get back to you.) The Safari crashes happen, by the
  2. When I try to update to version 7.12.4 of the Clipper the Update button fades and I just get a perpetual spinning wheel in the MAS app's title bar. I see that several other people are having this issue. If you look on the MAS web preview page the failure to update was already reported on Feb. 27. What is going on here, Evernote team? It's just bad quality control. And meanwhile v.7.12.3 is periodically crashing Safari 13.1. – after all the long-time issues were supposed to have been fixed. Very disappointing. Nonetheless, stay safe everyone.
  3. More problems with this redesign: The Snippet view divider row showing the month is too pale again, as is the font. This is like deja (non)vu from complaints everybody voiced many versions ago when the Snippet column suddenly got bleached, before happily regaining a healthier hue once again later. The Reminders header is ridiculously small now. It's almost impossible to make out the number in parentheses alongside. It's very hard to understand why the team keeps making these pointless tweaks to the interface.
  4. Thanks for the new update. I have not experienced any crashes but one GLARING change is that the notebook a note belongs to is no longer presented in Snippet View. You have moved the date and tag to the bottom of the snippet and suddenly taken from us the name of the notebook to which the note belongs. This is not good. Please restore notebook names!!! And can we have them displayed on every snippet, whether or not they are selected, as I believe used to be the case many Evernotes ago.
  5. Thank you, @JMichaelTX for expressing the issue with such patience and lucidity. It is hard for us users to understand the reluctance the developers have to reverting to previous sync behaviour which allowed us complete control over our notes. The problem of sync conflicts is surely unrelated to users' sync rhythms, and it would seem to me that having manual control over syncing should, in normal circumstances, reduce the danger of such conflicts. It cannot be such a big ask for the team to deconstruct the heavy handed new sync behaviour and revert to the earlier, non-intrusive metho
  6. I'm beginning to think that some underling from Trump's White House staff has taken over the Evernote team's decision making process. You have now, without warning, and after FIVE betas, suddenly taken away all sync options from Preferences in the final release candidate, in a bid, apparently, to cover up the long-standing sync issues you have been unable to cure – and left us only with that ridiculous, superfluous, uncalled for 'Waiting for sync' dialog which insists on popping up on quit, even when no notes have been added or editing changes made. If you wish to dumb down Evernote
  7. Bug in this beta 3: When All Notes is selected this pane appears above Reminders: The pane cannot be dismissed by clicking on either Yes or No, or by hitting Enter. When a single notebook is selected, Reminders are listed as normal, without the pane above them. But as soon as I return to All Notes the pane reappears and refuses to go away. Tried restarting EN a couple of times, to no avail. EDIT: Ha! Vincent Noel just beat me to it. But it's good, or not, to know other users are experiencing this bug.
  8. I have to concur with JMichaelTX. Too many bugs lately with each new release. It's not that we don't appreciate the work you are putting in but a little more quality control is needed. On at least two of the previous updates, I found EN freezing as the update announcement pane came up and I had to force quit. Not encouraging.
  9. I have this problem too. In fact I've been noticing it for a while from earlier betas. Surely this is putting unnecessary strain on your servers. There is also the irritating Waiting for sync' window in recent updates, which pops up when I quit and seems totally superfluous since it scarcely hangs around long enough for us to hit its Quit button. It appears even when I have made no changes in EN and, in this latest version, whether or not 'Warn me if i quit while syncing' is checked in prefs. Completely unnecessary added distraction. I know when I quit EN and require no additional dialog
  10. @rjnb, @Mike Figueroa and others who are encountering this problem: Happy to report I have now found a workaround which seems to solve the quitting issue. In prefs I set syncing to Manually and checked 'Warn me if I quit while syncing', and EN now fully quits. Not a total solution but it does the job in the meantime till the issue is properly fixed.
  11. Thank you for the new beta, which I'm very happy with in general, but it has a strange bug which prevents the app from quitting. The EN main window closes but the app won't quit completely – except if you manage to hit the Quit Now button in the closing 'syncing now' dialog in time before it disappears. If you don't succeed in catching the Quit Now button, EN remains active with no window open and the Quit menu item becomes greyed out. Only option is to force quit. I first made the update to this new beta from within EN. Tried quitting the EN Helper from my menubar and also restartin
  12. My mistake. I must have meant early betas of 6.11 where tabs worked. Anyway, here is a screenshot: Notice the '– Evernote' suffix in the tab headings.
  13. From EN 6.10.x I had several tabs open, each with a different notebook. I skipped the 6.11 beta updates after all the bad reports. Now I've installed 6.11.1 and found I had to open new tabs to restore my old arrangement, which I found very useful. Can you please explain to me why on earth the team should make the horrible decision to modify Tab headings by adding '– Evernote' as a suffix to the name of notebooks? Absolutely useless change. I want to see the notebook name as quickly and clearly as possible by glancing at the Tab, and not be confused by EN's self-promotion.
  14. Thanks very much for responding, rubenb. I finally found a solution from this other thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/96324-my-web-clipper-stopped-working-with-10115-update/?page=2 Tobbelin's suggestion in that thread to run the cache-cleaning app Onyx fixed my problem and the clipper is running fine now. Thank you again.
  15. Since v6.9 I am unable to sign in to my Evernote account from the Safari web clipper. Using the latest Safari 9.1.2. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Relaunching Safari and rebooting Mac. No luck. The clipper responds when clicking on 'Create an Evernote account' and 'Forgot password?'. Just not 'Sign In'. Meanwhile, the Chrome web clipper has no such problem and works fine. Very frustrating. Please can you address this issue.
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