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Please allow the default sort order of notes to be changed. Not sure why it changes to reverse sort order but that is very frustrating. Especially since it requires two separate processes to get it there. One to change to title sort another to un-check reverse sort order. 


Love Evernote, use it everyday this is really my only frustration.




Patrick Schuler

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I have the same problem as the original poster. The sort order persists when I'm using EN on my Mac. But when I switch into Windows 7 (which I do frequently -- don't ask...) I encounter this problem.


As in, Evernote in Windows 7 (for me) does not persist the sort order of notes. It always defaults back to "Date Created" and "Reverse sort order." This drives me a little bit crazy.


Update: I use "snippet view."

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Default sort order should be persisted; mine is. Set it the way that you want it, and then File / Exit out of Evernote, and see if it's that way when you come back.

Jeff has answered with the solution here.

The issue is that for whatever reason Evernote doesn't get a chance to save it's settings in the Registry. What you can do is force it to.

By using the File -> Exit option, you are quitting Evernote, and forcing it's settings to be saved.

So, like Jeff said, try setting your sort order and quitting Evernote. When you re-open it, your sort order should be preserved.

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