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PC not displaying notes


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I have been using Evernote successfully on my windows PC (as well as iphone and mac) for a few years. With a recent update on the PC, suddenly the notes are no longer displaying. They still exist - I can even open a few of them by starting a new note - this shows some "related" notes which I can select and display. I think I may have somehow closed the window display pane of the evernote view, but cannot figure out how to re-open it.

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I just started having this same issue on my PC.  I've double checked my "view" settings as well and they are all set to be on. HELP as I have 99 notes in one notebook and I jump back and forth all the time.   :huh:  They are all hiding now....  ANY HELP appreciated!



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I'm trying to understand this one as well.


The EN main window can show three panels of information.  The one on the left shows the notebook and tag list.  F10 toggles this one on and off.  The middle panel is the note list (and can be either list, snippet or card view) and F11 toggles that on and off.  The right panel is the note panel and shows the content of the selected note in the note list and Ctrl-F11 toggles that one on and off.


That said, which panel is not showing for you?  Also, you should maximize the EN window to ensure you are not cutting off information.

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