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(Archived) Windows 7 search - Evernote 5 desktop DB index


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since a year I have switched to Evernote for my daily note taking and organizing of worthy information. However, I am still in doubt how to brick Evernotes database :)


What I need for my daily work is that Windows native seach (or may be a full alternative as X1, Copernic Desktop Pro) can index Evernote's database!!



I want to use one central search tool for searching out email conversations that come in via Thunderbird and Outlook, PDFs, Docs etc. all we stuff into Evernote (team work).



Is this possible?

I hope we do not have to support the Evernote alternative clients since we want to stick to the original one.



Thanks alot!


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You could gain a significant strong hold on the market if you did find a way to become the one stop desktop search solution.

I realize you are growing so fast now that it might not be "signicant" but....you could make it a ultra premium feature and charge according :-)

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The current ultra premium charge is moving to a Mac.  The built-in spotlight indexes Evernote there (the direct download version, vs the app store installed version).

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