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  1. This is just ridiculous and why I stopped using Evernote about a year ago. I thought I would see if the functionality had improved for Android, nope. Tell me again what the share of Android OS/smartphones is vs. iOS?
  2. Ok, so after further review if you use the Chrome web clipper extension and select the option to be shown the "successful clip dialog" then you can add a date or reminder AFTER you have clipped. How about making this available at the time of clipping. Same with the Android mobile app. Thank you
  3. Hi all, I share any frustration that requires an extra step when inserting an option to add reminder or due date at the time of saving isn't available. Specially for me, having that ability whne clipping anything, web browser extension or mobile app. How about read later with a date option? Or reminder as many have mentioned. Maybe someday the user experience testing will include these type of use cases. Until then, AAARRGHHH!
  4. You could gain a significant strong hold on the market if you did find a way to become the one stop desktop search solution. I realize you are growing so fast now that it might not be "signicant" but....you could make it a ultra premium feature and charge according :-)
  5. Or at a minimum, those instances in which you can only capture the URL (for whatever reason), sending it to Evernote that triggers Evernote to capture the text on that page for addition to your search archive (notebook content). Maybe a premium feature. There are times when you what to share a page from within any number of mobile apps that the best you can get as an output is the URL. I use Everweb clipper whenever possible. Or send pdf of webpage as I am a premium member. But still this would be dynamite. Anyway to negotiate some affiliate revenue sharing deal so that X1 could access and search my Evernote account? Still trying to find that ONE search function to manage them all :-)
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