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Lost Reminders?


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I accidentally clicked the "don't show reminders" button on the note list and now I can't get my reminders to show again. I use reminders all the time, so I really need my reminder list back. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.

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I am not aware of the "Don't show reminders" button, so I may be confusing things a little here. Can you show where it is in the interface?

I do know that reminders can be turned off, by the use of a registry key and I don't know if there is a way to access this option in the interface, so I don't know if pointing you in that direction is the right way to go just yet

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I would post a screen print, but since I can't get my reminders to show, I can't do that.


Basically, if you click on the little gear on the reminders box there are (I think) 3 options, one of them made my reminders not show in the note list anymore and I can't get them back.

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There are 3 options on the Reminders setting: Sort Reminders By Date, Show Upcoming Reminders, and Show Recently Completed Reminders. None of these options make reminders disappear on my Windows Evernote client. There is no "don't show reminders" option. You can also enable / disable the display of the reminders list by clicking on the triangle icon to the left of the Reminders header in the note view, however, the Reminder header will remain. 


If, however, you are viewing your notes in a context that contains no reminders, such as choosing a notebook that contains no reminder notes (remember, a reminder is just a note with a reminder attached), then you will indeed see no reminders in your note list. Click on the Notes header in your left panel to show all notes (and hence all reminders).

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Ok, I think I understand what you have done. It is not the registry entry that I mentioned.

I am assuming most of your reminders have a date attached to them? Some time in the future?

I think you have unchecked the "Show upcoming reminders" option, meaning that future reminders will not show. Which can lead to you not seeing any.

The easiest way to get this back is to create a temporary note and just add a reminder, with no date attached to it. This should show up in the reminder list and allow you to access those settings again.

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Hi All, 

thanks for the fix. I was having the same problem.

This is poor user experience. There should be an equivalent set of configurations in the options menu.


All fixed now.





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