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  1. Ahh, thank you. That was the problem. I really feel dumb for doing that... anyway, thanks so much!
  2. I would post a screen print, but since I can't get my reminders to show, I can't do that. Basically, if you click on the little gear on the reminders box there are (I think) 3 options, one of them made my reminders not show in the note list anymore and I can't get them back.
  3. I accidentally clicked the "don't show reminders" button on the note list and now I can't get my reminders to show again. I use reminders all the time, so I really need my reminder list back. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.
  4. Reminders should be visible in the Card view as well. As written in the first post, they do not show in the list view just yet. Strangely, reminders were not visible in Card view- only Snippet view- until I restarted my computer and resynced everything. Not sure what that was all about... Any chance of being able to make reminders recurring?
  5. HI! UI Changes are much better than beta 1. Maybe I'm missing something, but reminders are only visible in snippet view. It would be great to have the option to make reminders visible in the left panel. Note titles still need to be fixed so they don't scroll and visible metadata info needs to be customizable so that I can decide which fields I want to see.
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