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(Archived) What's so special in a moleskine ?

Sugeeth Krish

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As a power Evernote user, I want to know what is special about writing in a moleskine notebook for an Evernote work ? Apart from sticker recognition, which does automatic note and tag sorting, is there any other functionality ?

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There are still some people out there who like to handwrite. Tools such as the Moleskine notebook and Livescribe's Skye pen allow them to do that and still get the information into Evernote in a (relatively) simple way. Evernote is an extremely flexible tool that allows all sorts of people with all kinds of needs to use it successfully. Honestly, I don't think it's much deeper than that. 

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As one of the first to buy the Livescribe Sky pen, I have found it incredibly useful for meetings.


However, I have just got a Moleskin and can see some great benefits. I have shown it to my 16 year old Daughter and explained how she would be able to use it for notes and different stickers for different subjects, all obviously going into specific subject Notebooks. She will not have the need to make sure the Livescribe pen is charged up and then remember to sync, so I can see this being a well used product.


For me, I am often on the road and at the moment don't like typing on my Samsung Galaxy SII as it is too fiddly. I don't like trying to use the iPad as it is too big to carry around everywhere. In a week or so I will have the Samsung Galaxy Note III which may be the answer. But I can safely say that the small Moleskin is going to be so useful and maybe more so than the Galaxy Note III. Being able to quickly take notes on the move, instead of using small notepads and typing into Evernote when I get back.


It may or may not work for me, only time and use will tell. But it will surely be a great tool for my Daughter.


Best regards



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It's not "a" Moleskine that's special (though that brand does have some nice features and there are advantages to the form-factors) -- it's the Evernote moleskines that are significant. They have symbols that aren't in a regular moleskine. 


You could probably get a regular one to work, but maybe not as well. 


If you wanted to make your own stickers or something like that you could try some other notebook and probably get it to work somewhat. 


The Moleskine brand has a couple of advantages over similar style notebooks: its cover is more rigid, and is thinner; the paper is thinner, so it's less bulky for the same number of pages; and its binding is sturdier.


(I've used Moleskines for most of the past 12 years, but switched to a different brand a couple of years back when my wife picked up a stack of them on clearance. Thicker paper, thicker covers, but less than half the price on clearance. She's not as cheap as I am so I don't like to discourage her when she humors me on my parsimony.)

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As for typing on a Galaxy S3 - I use a keyboard app called Swiftkey.  It's one of the 'drag your finger around the letters rather than tap them' school of data entry - and it's surprisingly easy,  even for someone whose eyesight isn't great and for whom Fat Finger Syndrome was originally invented.  But even I handwrite stuff occasionally...

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I purchased an Evernote Moleskine a few months ago ... partly because I'm a Moleskine junky (purchase more than I actually use) and partly because I wanted the three month Evernote Premium account (wanted to try out the features).


After using both for a couple months, I've found the following:


  1. Evernote Premium is a must for me since I've found myself using it on the iPad a LOT
  2. I haven't found a use for the Moleskine stickers yet, as most everything I've used the notebook for is meeting notes or drawings. I've captured them all in Evernote with the camera, but then just sorted manually.
  3. I really like the design of the Evernote Moleskine and get a lot of comments about it
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