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  1. Updated to 6.15 from 6.11. Syncing no longer works. Have tried logging out/in. Currently trying to figure out how to revert to 6.11, as Evernote's pretty much useless without syncing.
  2. Changing to 'other browsers' is a major workflow impediment to a lot of us. As for 'other clippers', not sure what you mean. Do you mean 3rd party Evernote clippers? Or other clipping services? If the former, there's the opportunity cost of spending time researching & testing 3rd party clippers, then dealing with *their* flaws. & that's w/o considering the added risk of giving an unknown 3rd party access to your Evernote stack. If the latter, the field is pretty small: Evernote drove most competitors out of the field, & of the few that remain commercially viable AFAICS only OneNote approaches 80% of the feature set (& doesn't include features I use all the time).
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