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(Archived) Fuzzy-search tags

Edan Maor


Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to understand whether I can do a "fuzzy search" for tag names. For example, I'd like to be able to search tags that end with Econ (e.g. to find "Debt\Econ" and "Wealth\Econ".


This is relevant in two places:


First, when performing searches. As I understand it, you can do "tag:name*", which will find any tag that starts with name, but not that ends with name.

I read somewhere that this is for "performance reasons", however: if you go to the "tags" panel, you can search in the top, and it will perform the search I'm talking about. So obviously, Evernote does know how to do this, at least in a limited way.


Second, what I would really love, is to be able to type in tags in a "fuzzy" way when adding tags to notes. For example, if I have the tag "Econ\Debt", I'd like to be able to type "Ecd" and it will select it, even though the letters aren't contiguous. This is very standard in lots of other programs (e.g. in the Alfred program launcher), and this will make working with tags much better. That's because I'll be able to create nested tags, which are still easy to type in without having to type the whole hierarchy.


So this post is a half feature-request and a half question - am I missing something? Is there some way to do these things I'm not aware of?


Thanks all very much!


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I've thought of that idea, although it seems to make things considerably more difficult.


Since this is a pretty common feature on other platforms, and would make tagging much easier, I hoped that it's something that can be implemented as part of Evernote proper.


Btw, I haven't checked, but I think the iOS version of tagging does allow fuzzy-matching.

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