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  1. When using the new clipper, I'll add a few tags to a note. Then, I'll want to save the page. The shortcut used to be "cmd+enter", which worked from wherever you were. The new shortcut, however, is "enter". So I'll often hit "tab", then hit enter, which will delete a tag instead! This is because if you press tab, you're now focused on a tag, even though there's no visual indication of this. You'll then hit enter, deleting the tag, then hit enter again, saving it without the tag! Obviously there are a few issues here: 1. Need to visually highlight the tag you're currently on, to make it more visually obvious that pressing enter will delete the tag. 2. Need some way to save an article even while you're in the "tag adding" field. Thanks!
  2. This happens to me as well, not sure when/why exactly. Very annoying.
  3. OK I'm a pretty steady user of Evernote and have been using it for many many years. But this issue is years old at this point and hasn't been addressed. And we're talking about a core functionality of Evernote - adding tags to notes! Is this something that is on the radar to being fixed?
  4. Hi, The web clipper apparently upgraded, and suddenly the tag search is no longer performing a "fuzzy" search. That means that if I have a tag like "p- name", and I search for "name", I don't find the tag. This is an incredibly useful feature for me, as I organize all my tags using prefixes, trusting the fact that searching for the tags will ignore the prefixes. This update makes my usage much harder. Is this intended? A bug? Am I missing something? Thanks! Edan
  5. Thanks, yeah sad to hear that isn't an option. I also use tag prefixes, although not sure how it helps for this exactly? (Or am I misunderstanding something?) I'll probably switch to using Inbox processing for these, it's just a different flow than I have for the desktop web clipper so that's a bit annoying. Thanks!
  6. Not sure what you mean? In the iOS clipper, when I choose "Open With... Evernote" in Safari, I get a screen with the note name, notebook and tags. When I open the tags view, I only get a list of tags, I don't get a keyboard or any sort of searchbox. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Hey, I might be missing something obvious, but - when clipping in iOS (from Safari/Chrome), I see that I can add tags. However, I can't seem to find a way to *search* the tags using keyboard entry, only by manually finding the tag in the list of tags and adding it. How can I enable keyboard search? Thanks, Edan
  8. Hi, Is this something that's still on the radar? I just upgraded my OS to El Capitan, and have indeed run into this issue as well. As someone with tons of tags that have a dash in them, this is a killer issue for me. Would love to hear if there is a workaround or a plan in place to fix this.
  9. This is solved in the new version, as far as I know. After searching and hitting enter, your keyboard is focused on the list of notes.
  10. I've thought of that idea, although it seems to make things considerably more difficult. Since this is a pretty common feature on other platforms, and would make tagging much easier, I hoped that it's something that can be implemented as part of Evernote proper. Btw, I haven't checked, but I think the iOS version of tagging does allow fuzzy-matching.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to understand whether I can do a "fuzzy search" for tag names. For example, I'd like to be able to search tags that end with Econ (e.g. to find "Debt\Econ" and "Wealth\Econ". This is relevant in two places: First, when performing searches. As I understand it, you can do "tag:name*", which will find any tag that starts with name, but not that ends with name. I read somewhere that this is for "performance reasons", however: if you go to the "tags" panel, you can search in the top, and it will perform the search I'm talking about. So obviously, Evernote does know how to do this, at least in a limited way. Second, what I would really love, is to be able to type in tags in a "fuzzy" way when adding tags to notes. For example, if I have the tag "Econ\Debt", I'd like to be able to type "Ecd" and it will select it, even though the letters aren't contiguous. This is very standard in lots of other programs (e.g. in the Alfred program launcher), and this will make working with tags much better. That's because I'll be able to create nested tags, which are still easy to type in without having to type the whole hierarchy. So this post is a half feature-request and a half question - am I missing something? Is there some way to do these things I'm not aware of? Thanks all very much! Edan
  12. Yeah, don't get me started on nested tags not being available on mobile Major inconvenience for me.
  13. I'm talking the Mac native application, not the Web version. I could just be misremembering this as a feature that exists from my Windows days, or the feature was accidentally dropped some time. Either way, I'd love it if there were a keyboard-only way to do it.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the reply! Firstly, I'm wondering if there is a way to do all this with the keyboard. Secondly, I'm actually not seeing either of the things you mentioned working. Right clicking on the "Tags" header in the left panel doesn't seem to give me anything. Right clicking on a specific tag only gives me the option to delete it. Actually, I also remember the "create tag in" option, but I can't seem to find it anymore... Any ideas?
  15. Hi all, I'm looking for an easy way to create nested tags. I'm looking for either: A way to create a new tag, and specify that it should be nested under another tag. Or: A way to specify that a tag should be nested under another tag, with the keyboard only. My emphasis is on doing everything with the keyboard. Is this currently possible in Evernote? Thanks, Edan
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