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UPDATED: The how & why of the Skitch logo

Joe Lopez


Hey all, if you're been wondering why we changed the logo and how we went about it Chris Ploeg, one of our Designers, wrote up this great piece and posted it to Dribble. http://dribbble.com/shots/1268389-Skitch-Rebrand


In it he provides a short explanation of the why and how we did the rebranding. It's a great little read that provides some insight into our design. Enjoy.


UPDATE: Here's a great blog post that goes into more detail: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/10/21/skitch-branding/

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I don't really pay attention to or care all that much about logos. Having said that, I was somewhat surprised when Skitch changed their logo. I thought it made no sense. In fact, I thought it was pointless. 


I just read the post on dribble though and my reaction was :o followed by  ;) .


Very cool. 

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@Panzerkampfwagen (you might win for longest and most complex user name) - Thanks for the nice feedback.


@TechBarber - Glad we were able to surprise, and then delight you.


There really is a method to our madness and it's not just because people kept asking us about why they had to have a heart.

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