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  1. Oh snap jefito! That's really interesting. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the link.
  2. ENML actually supports HTML5 style code tags. I would think they could just add a button on the client side with no adverse effect anywhere else. Of course I'm only speculating and it may be more difficult than any of us are assuming (for whatever reason). Markdown for a codeblock is four spaces before each line: Words words words. echo "hello world";Back to words word.That should make HTML that looks something like: <div>Words words words</div><code>echo "hello world";</code><div>Back to words words</div>^All of that is perfectly valid within a note. You can import notes like this and they display fine in the EN clients. You just can't _make them_ in EN.
  3. While I disagree with his conclusion, it's hard to debate the demographics of somebody else's customer base. The only people who really know the answer to this question are the folks at EN. I'm sure Grumpy Monkey isn't high. Well. I'm not sure of that. But, I don't see his statement as evidence in support of that hypothesis.
  4. The thing that bugs me is mostly that they allow more powerful formatting in ENML than they let you access with the editors themselves. I get that EN is not a word processor and I appreciate that. The last thing we need is another app-of-all-trades. But it's already there.. just.. add.. the.. button.
  5. Okay. So it's a little rough around the edges, but I did just try out Cheeatz. It seems to work just fine. Let's you suck in Gists like a champ. They display fine in the Mac client. http://www.cheeatz.com/home Edit: Oh. And a second bonus, since the code highlighting stuff is a shortcoming of the EN editor application and not ENML itself you can actually modify the Gist output in EN a little. If you are careful. Of course, the whole note will blow up if you try to get too fancy.
  6. This just makes it appear as if you're using headings, correct? It's not somehow inserting (ENML compatible) h1, h2, h3 objects? Edit: Nevermind. I read it more closely. Obvious answer is obvious.
  7. Stacks being a business-level object would be helpful. For example, I have two notebooks that both relate to the same business function but I want to keep the topics very clearly separate. One is a repository for information and the other is for 'meta' information about the system itself. I'd ideally like to stack these together in the business so users see and understand the hierarchy at a glance. Since I can't do that, they have to be named in a redundant manner (i.e., "Project Name Info" and "Project Name Meta"). I guess I could use a "meta" tag, but I'd really prefer to keep them separate.
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