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(Archived) Editing note on android: unsupported formatting


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What does this mean?


Or rather, how can this be?  


In the native Windows evernote, I create a plain text note with a few check boxes (or bullet points).  But when I pull it up on my android phone, I get a message about unsupported formatting.  I find it incredible that I can create a note in one evernote client that can't be read in another evernote client.

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EN, if you read every post as you or your evangelists are claiming please answer this question. By the way, it is an old, very old bug, and still not resolved. But,... you have other priority, don't you?


Please set up a place where we can post suggestions on what to fix and what to change and let us vote on them.  In this particular case, for example, I'd not vote it as critical, since apparently the formatting is retained.  When I go back to a PC, the checkboxes are still there.  It is irritating and a bit scary, but not as important to me as a better organizational infrastructure: more than just the two levels of stack and notebook.  Or resolving the cursor jump behavior.  Or the periodic failure of web clipper on Chrome.

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Don't know what formatting Android is complaining about,  but it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that what works on a desktop doesn't always work the same (or necessarily at all) on a mobile.  That's kind've why mobile websites look a lot different to desktop ones.  Evernote wants to look after its users (dumb not to),  so will be working on harmonising the various displays,  but may have to wait until the OS catches up.  If you had your voting system and put this as number 1 you'd still have to wait until it was actually possible.  So - while I'd also like lots of improvements in editing options on all clients,  I guess we'll have to wait until Evernote decide to release new features.

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I really don't think this is necessarily an issue with the OS catching up. The Andriod editor is just buggy and has always been buggy. Now I can believe that there are numerous features that do not normalize across all platforms. That is to be expected. But for some of the formatting that doesn't work, it is really hard for me to accept that it because of a limittation in the OS. More likely a priority issue.

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