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  1. Excellent. It could use a refactoring. I just applied for the beta testing. I am a very experienced guinnea pig.
  2. oddly enough, the sync item shows up in the menu, in note-view, on my Android phone (4.1.1) but not on my Nexus 7 (4.3). So on the Nexus, I have to go back to notebook view to sync. Interesting that it is there on the older OS and gone on the newer one.
  3. I get that every so often, but not consistantly like you seem to get. I have just learned to not do too much editing before saving the note. Save and save often, as they say!
  4. File bug reports from the Support page. We (including me!) should start submitting formal bug reports on all the Android editor issues. I have posted to the forum but not actually submitted bugs. I am sure the developers are busy adding new fun features, so reading the forum is probably not high priority. Bug reports carry more weight to the sustaining staff. I am off to vacation tomorrow but will try to post some specific bug reports while I am off work. I suggest that others do as well. Submit a bug report for each issue, don't combine them.
  5. I really don't think this is necessarily an issue with the OS catching up. The Andriod editor is just buggy and has always been buggy. Now I can believe that there are numerous features that do not normalize across all platforms. That is to be expected. But for some of the formatting that doesn't work, it is really hard for me to accept that it because of a limittation in the OS. More likely a priority issue.
  6. Welcome to the club. The Andriod editor is pretty buggy and has been for quite a while. They keep adding new features to Evernote but fixing the basics appears to be just too boring. Must be a bunch of young software engineers here. Any kind of interesting formatting will likely fail when you try to edit it on an Android anything including the latest Nexus. Don't use blank lines to separate list blocks. It sometimes works but I end up fixing it later on the PC. Don't expect to edit in the middle of a bold or underlined sentence and have the new letters be bold or underlined, sigh. Don't use indentation or even spaces at the begining of a line Don't get angry when it suddenly decides to take out all the spaces between a few words. Just fix it later on your PC/MAC. Save notes often because if you do a number of changes to a note, it will sometimes fail with a Java error, when you save it and you will loose ALL your edits. Just tonight my Nexus will not load my most important note. It just says to retry. I have resynced, shut down and restarted. Shows up on all my other devices... If you format a note like below ('x' represents a check box) and then try to add a task after task 2, it will delete the blank line and add a check box to "Day 2". I really like to format my weekly task list in this way, but I end up having to fix the formatting constantly. I just avoid editing notes on Andriod and just check tasks off. I really wish they would fix the editor! This tool has so much potential, but... (and yes, I have premium) Day 1 x task 1 x task 2 Day 2 x task 3 x task 4
  7. I would like to register my extreme dislike of forcing us to reset our password. That should be MY CHOICE NOT YOURS I REALLY HATE THIS!! 10 thumbs down for whomever thought that was a good idea. Whenever companies force me to change passwords on a regular basis, I always end up going to a systemized password so I can easily figure out what the latest is. If you just leave it alone, I will use a very good password. At any rate, it is my responsibility and my data so leave me alone!
  8. check to make sure you don't have any indentation's in the note. That will create the situation you describe. I can't see any on your screen shot but part of the note is obscured. They haven't solved that one yet. All my notes that had checkboxes added on the computer, can be edited, checked and new line items added correctly on both my android phone and tablet. I cannot create a new note with checkboxes though. That still only works on the computer.
  9. Browncoat: Thanks for the info, this old topic solved my issues - notes with indentation. Also explains why the indentation icon isn't in the editor. Is there any ETA as to when this might be added to the mobile app? How about the ability to add the check boxes? (at least these don't mess up the mobile editor) I have become addicted to evernote! Thanks!
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