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  1. I think the most difficult part of the baseline editor functionality is the requirement that content clipped from the web be editable. This requires a large number of complex algorithms to handle accurate cursor placement within the clipped content. I think if this requirement were eliminated, if Evernote only allowed adding notes in a space above the clipped content, that resources would be freed to concentrate on fixing the note editor. Poll: How many of you actually type comments inside clipped content? I do and I want to continue to do so -- but only on clipped content that is editable, such as "print friendly" pages. There are a couple of sites I visit regularly, clip the print friendly version and insert my notes. There are very few sites where this is practical. So rather than completely eliminate the ability to edit clipped content, provide some kind of logic and visual cue that the note being looked at can only have comments added in the comment section at the top. If the logic detects anything other than basic HTML and inline CSS, mark the clipped content as not-editable, perhaps providing an option to convert it to PDF or JPG or PNG.
  2. I didn't realize IOS and Android versions would be so different. I did find a place in the settng to turn off auto note titles, but it seems to have turned itself back on again. There is no list of suggestions on Android. Tapping on the title selects it, but that's it.
  3. When I simply use evernote to grab a photo, intending to work on it later, the same thing happens to me. Up until a release or two ago, I was getting a location -- usually the location prior to the location where I am. Now Evernote seems to be grabbing random events from the day in question. Sometimes the events appear to be from the calendar on my mobile device, which is using Google's calendar, thank you. However, the birthdays it is grabbing are coming from Facebook, from that list FB pops up of contacts with birthdays today. Where do I turn this off? I'd rather have "snapshot untittled" than either "Snapshot from Wade Birthday @ some location" or "Snapshot at 120 S. Main Street, some location" Particularly since in both cases the some location is not where I am when I make the snapshot. I'm not talking a few meters, I'm talking lots of miles, as near as I can tell one of the previous 2 or 3 locations I'd been at, even if I hadn't used evernote in those locations. What would be awesome would be a dropdown in the title area that defaulted to "Untitled" but had drop down choices of the current location, the previous location, and the list of events for that day.
  4. I also don't need a word processor, but I also use EN as my main working space. So I want the same kinds of things. I want, for example, an additional paste or clip option: currently have Paste and Paste as text. I want Paste Basic, which retains HTML like lists and tables, but throws out the CSS styling and extraneous ads and stuff.
  5. I know how difficult it is to do a decent text editor when your user interface is a browser, having to have all kinds of special sections dealing with browser differences. However, there is no excuse for not having a first rate text editor on the native versions. I really like EditPro as a text editor, for example, though it has no facilities for including images. Google has the best browser editor for the drive or docs part of their empire. but they have a few more resources, too. One thing that I think would really help would be the ability to switch to the HTML view, like the blogspot.com editor does. Very messy sometimes, but at least you can see the markup code. being able to directly edit what amounts to Evernote's markup code would help tremendously to those who are concerned with the final appearance of their notes -- those who might like to publish directly from evernote to some kind of blog site. For the basic editing in evernote now, I believe the problem is deep in the logic. From the behavior of my cursor, it would appear that the sync process is using the same variable that the main editing process is using to keep track of the cursor. The random cursor jumping only occurs now when I'm working on a low end laptop and I'm in a local network with multiple users doing things like video streaming or massive downloads. So I suppose the sync code is very tight. But not tight enough. I think rather than focus on that code, there needs to be a walkthrough to figure out how the main editing process's cursor gets moved around.
  6. On chrome on my windows 8 laptop, the share button overlays the place where I want to click to change the destination notebook. The scoll bar on the right won't function. Works fine on windows 7 desktop, where I have plenty of screen space. I do like the new clipper slide out; however what's really needed for me is a way to collapse all stacks except the one chosen when the slide out occurs.
  7. I really do like the new clipper pop in from the right when it pops in and stays in long enough for me to make my choices. I learned pretty soon that middle wheel scrolling after clicking on a note lets me scroll through. Would be nice to expand and collapse. However, most of the time when I click the web clipper icon, the panel pops out, a screenshot noise is made, and it pops back out of sight right away. Don't know where those screenshots are going, but I am a bit tired of having to click the elephant 2 to 20 times before the panel pops out and stays..
  8. Yes, that linear notebook list is worthless once you get more than a few dozen notebooks out there.
  9. Both firefox and chrome Web clipper exhibit two very irritating things: One is probably my own ignorance: Somehow both browsers insist that the notebook I want my clipping to go to is one called "public journal" that I created a while ago for some other purpose, certainly not to replace the "_default notebook" where web clipper used to default to. I can't seem to find the setting that controls that. Or rather, I did, and I set it to "_default notebook" and it behaved for a few days and has now gone back to public journal again. this would not be a pain if the drop down for the notebook selection was organized like it is when I change notebooks in the native Evernote -- with an hierarchy starting with stacks. Instead I get an alphabetical list that is very long, so long that mousing through it is clumsy and time consuming. Why can't the drop down notebook list on web clipper use the hierachy?
  10. Same here. When I click on options in the extension settings, a blank tab comes up that never finishes loading. I'd really rather clip directly from Chrome rather than having to copy the link and paste it into Firefox. thanks
  11. Well, rats. How about this as a fairly easy to implement fix? Whenever a title is edited, if the associated note has a background color, insert a blank line at the top of the note.
  12. On the Windows platform the display size is adjusted to the window size very nicely. And a double click will open my native image viewer where I can bring up full size easily. On Firefox, the image size is also adjusted to the display window and right click has a view image option that also works ok. As a business user, I often need to compose a note that includes images, graphs, even chunks of spreadsheets. For those I would very much like more flexibility in placement, sizing and text flow for the images in my note. As a personal user who is just keeping notes for my own reference, i can live with the minimal display adjustment to current window. But I do not want to share a note with a boss or client where reading the note is a chore due to the images always taking over the entire width of the display space. I would prefer that the full size image remain available through context menu, but without even the minimal adjustments that, for example, Blogger allows, it's very difficult to compose a final report in Evernote. PS I really like the copy and past of images feature: I find it quite convenient to use a screen grabber to select an image or part of an image on my monitor and paste it directly into a note.
  13. This appears to be a problem across all platforms. Most of the time, when I pull up a clipping and wish to add to it, there is no way to go to the beginning of the note and insert plain text on a plain white background. Instead, the clipping has a background color that I can't get rid of. Is there some special trick for inserting text prior to the start of a clipping in a note without this problem? Is there a way to change the background color?
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