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(Archived) -tag: in a saved search makes iOS Evernote crazy (and 500 character limit on reports?)


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Just submitted problem report #184145 on this issue.


I had to attach a graphic to give them enough information to reproduce the problem. I suppose I could have been more succinct, and just said "it's broken".


Seriously – can your debuggers really get everything they need out of 500 characters from a user?


Granted, you don't want a lot of spam, but I did have to log in to report the problem.


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Come on, guys.


This is seriously broken, and I would venture to say repeatable enough that a couple of hours work would find the problem. In the meantime, it is a major user problem with using Evernote.


The -tag does not work on iOS. Very simple problem statement. If the fix is very complicated, then you have some pretty major architecture issues.

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