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  1. Hi, I want to do a search in Evernote for the following (in one saved search) Tag:!Now AND Tag:@Home OR -Tag:* I know the AND search works by just doing "Tag:Now Tag:@Home" This shows me all the things I need to do at 'Home' 'Now. But I also want it to show notes that aren't tagged with anything. This will prompt me to tag them for Now, Next, Soon etc. At the moment I treat the -tag:* as an Inbox but I want it to appear in my Now criteria if it isn't tagged, as this is where I always look for my priorties and one of my priorities is to tag accordingly. Any ideas?
  2. Still not fixed in the newly released 7.0.3 that claims big fixes - clearly not this bug. Come on Evernote. Sort it out!!!
  3. I'm having exactly the same issue and Evernote don't seem to be responding very quickly to fixing it:- http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42623-tag-search-not-working-in-ios7/
  4. Any update to this issue as I am still getting it???? Anyone else getting it still?
  5. I've just setup a simple test:- 1. Created a note called "Note at Home" and assigned a tag called TagHome 2. Created a note called "Note at Work" and assigned a tag called TagWork 3. Sync'd with iPhone iOS7 4. Did a search on iPhone -tag:TagWork - Results were "Note at Home" shown once only = CORRECT 5. I then assigned another tag to "Note at Home" called !1-Now 6. Did the same search - Results were "Note at Home" shown twice = INCORRECT It would appear that it shows the note once for each tag that is assigned to the note... If I add a 3rd tag and do the -tag search it shows that note 3 times!!! The problem goes a little deeper than that for me. In this example I get notes for work when I ask for a work note to be excluded:- Example: 1. I have a note with the following tags:- !1-Now @Work Meeting Notes 2. My search is tag:"!1-Now" -tag:@Work This should show me everything that doesn't have @Work tag but does have the !1-Now tag.. 3. The results are:- a. I see multiple of the same note (one for each tag on a note) as above b. I see notes that have the @Work tag which was meant to be excluded I think its because the tag I am asking this to return (!1-Now) is also on the @Work note which I am trying to exclude - it is bringing the exclusion note back... Does this make sense? If you need more information then please let me know as keen to get this sorted!!! Can anyone else verify this???? Mark
  6. In the latest version released yesterday the -tag issue still exists but this time it doesn't crash Evernote it does returns completely incorrect items and duplicates... Anyone else still seeing this? Wish Evernote would sort this out. Can anyone recommend another Evernote client to use till this is fixed??
  7. The following search fails in the iOS7 version:- -tag:A The following works: tag:A Exclude tags are still crashing the app even in the 7.0.1 just released for iOS7.... Come on Evernote, you can do better than this...
  8. -tag:[tagname] searches no longer work correctly. They don't exclude as they should they now include,,!!
  9. Anyone else found that using -tag:mytag is not working in that it doesn't exclude 'mytag'. Instead it includes it?? It used to work before the ios7 upgrade.
  10. Jer, Thanks for this. This method is perfect for me and gives me exactly what I want with the organisation of Evernote with markup ability of skitch. Thanks,, Mark
  11. Hi, I'm creating a new photo in skitch and editing it but when it appears in Evernote I want to tag it but Evernote tells me to use skitch to edit. I can't assign any tags in Evernote... So I load it in skitch and click the 'I' icon at the top of the screen but it only lets me select the note book and not assign any tags... Is there any way or workaround to get tags assigned to a skitch note? Regards Mark
  12. Date created missing is a disatster.. I use this all the time and now my notes are a mess.. Please please please fix this and quick!!! Also, getting into saved searches is a real problem now. It's too hidden.. Can you make saved searches a tab please, like tags and all notes etc..?? Also I don't like these thumbnails. Is it possible to switch back to a list type view that just shows the note title? I was really excited by this update but am very disappointed as its just not flexible any more.. Regards Mark
  13. Hi, I have been using my Evernote mainly as as my GTD system. I have the various contexts and a tag to mark things Complete. I also have a General Reference section where I store and keep key items. I use only one Notebook and seperate everything by tags As this has been in use now for 6 months I have an awful lot in the Completed section which is affecting the searches somewhat by bringing back a bit more than I really need as it brings back all old completed tasks. Now I don't really want to delete all the Completed tasks as they are usefull but not too sure if they are best stored in this notebook anymore? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me to consider? Thanks Mark
  14. I am an Evernote user and want to go paperless so planned on scanning all my docs into Evernote using one of the trunk recommended PDF scanners for iPhone. So I got the scanner for my iPhone and upgraded to premium for one month. I scanned several docs using CamScanner app and uploaded to Evernote but the indexing is somewhat to be desires. I can barely find anything using this PDF indexing so I thought I would do a test with simply taking a photo of the document using snapshot from within Evernote and the results were a lot lot better. Basically the image shows the text searched for highlighted in yellow and actually finds it, whereas the PDF just doesn't seem consistent or trustworthy enough to rely on. Anyone else found this? What are the benefits of scanning PDFs over simply taking a photo with my phone (and getting better indexing)... Could the app I am using be rubbish? Is there a more recommended be to try? Also when the PDF has picked up the text searched for it doesn't display or highlight this like it does in the image? I look forward to your comments and findings. Mark
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