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(Archived) Evernote 5.0.2 periodically freezes-up on Windows

Rich H

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I recently upgraded from Evernote 4.6.7 to Evernote 5.0.2 on a Windows 7 PC. I turned off the option to Synchronize automatically, and I also programmed my firewall to prevent Evernote from connecting to the Internet so I could be sure to control when synchronization happens.
At first I noticed that Evernote 5.0.2 takes about 20 seconds to open its window when I first start it. The Evernote.exe process starts right away, but I wait the 20 seconds for the window to come up. If I program the firewall to allow connections from Evernote to the Internet, the window comes up right away when I start Evernote. Evernote 4 did not have this problem.
Then I noticed that Evernote 5.0.2 freezes up periodically (every couple minutes) for about 20 seconds at a time and then responds normally. As I was typing this in Evernote, I recorded the times when Evernote froze up on me:
If I allow Evernote Internet traffic to pass through the firewall, the freeze-ups stop.
It is obvious that Evernote 5 is trying to connect to the Internet when it starts and every couple minutes while it is running, even if I have automatic synchronization turned off. This behavior is not tolerable in my situation, and I have reverted to Evernote 4 until I hear that Evernote 5 has fixed this.


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I finally got a reply to my problem ticket (can't really call it an answer):


Thank you for your feedback!


Evernote consistently looks to our users as a source of innovation and inspiration.
As such, I will relay your suggestions directly to our Development Team.


Please continue to send us your ideas or suggestion on how we can make Evernote a better product!
As always, if you ever have questions or concerns about Evernote please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.


Most importantly, please let me know if you decide to migrate back to EN 5.0.2 and experience further issues and I will try to help resolve the issue!




Shane Davis

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Hi Rich,


At first I was not impressed by the response from Shane. Then I realised you had gone back to V4. I have not heard of anyone else having this problem and am guessing that is maybe why they cannot do any more work on it.


I think Shane has covered it by offering to help resolve the issue if you move back to V5.02


Best regards



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I have this same problem.  I'm glad to hear it can be solved by going back to EN 4 but I'd prefer they come up with a solution for EN5.  This is a real serious pain and makes it very difficult to use EN.  The original poster posted some good diagnostics - the fact that opening his firewall solves the problem is very interesting.  I seem to have the problem primarily when at my office or when working over VPN so could be a firewall issue there too.  The question is: WHY IS EN TRYING TO ACCESS THE INTERNET EVERY 2 MINUTES?  Any system that does that is likely to have performance problems on any number of configurations.  And secondly, WHY DOES IT HANG WHEN TRYING TO ACCESS THE INTERNET?  Have you guys heard of a thing called multithreading?

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