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(Archived) Feature suggestion - ease of font formatting

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Sometimes we have to make some portions of text distinguishable from others. If we're typing in Microsoft Word, then all the necessary tools will be one or two clicks away, since the 2007 ribbon. I'm not saying Evernote should be as complex or complete as Word, but we miss just a couple of handy tools. One of them is the font-size-up-and-down buttons, with allow us to quickly increase or decrease the font size without hitting the drop-down menu with the preset font sizes. They're more than a few clicks away... and Evernote is supposed to be a tool of fast editing, right?


Other thing is about the font colour:




As you can see, I like the pure blue colour to make a text part distinguish from the general body (the RGB 0, 0, 255). But this colour is not available on the quick palette, and we have to click "more colours". This is inconvenient. But, to solve all at once, there certainly could have a formatting brush like we have on other text-editing applications! Also, on the toolbar above the text, there is certainly space for three more tools: the formatting brush, the Font Up and Font Down!


Thanks for attention!

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