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  1. Thanks guys, I made it. Turns out I was being dumb: I had relocated the local files, including the database, to a secondary partition, which is mounted on a HDD. My OS runs inside a SSD, but because of short storage, I moved the Evernote DB to the HDD. Stupid move, given that the DB is still small compared to the free space. :)
  2. I've seen people complaining about Evernote for Windows' speed back in 2017 and 18, but now for some reason it's getting unbearable. I have less than 1000 notes and try to keep as few images and other non-text content to a minimum. I wonder how's the experience of those really heavy users who maintain 10k notes and counting. Evernote is taking long to load when opening the app, long to switch between notes and if you fire up the search... You must have patience. I beg the devs to think about what Evernote was meant for in the first place: to be a NOTE TAKING app, not a full-blown American Congress Library replica. Edit: one thing I suspect is slowing Evernote down is the amount of preloaded fonts for each and every note: As you can see, there is a number of fonts that come with Windows – or not – that will most likely never be used in Evernote. So there could be an option for the user to limit or select just a few good fonts to be available in the never-ending drop-down menu.
  3. Thanks Gazumped. Thing is, I rarely come to this forum. Tips noted!
  4. Maybe someone messed with the charset for this page, but the Brazilian Portuguese translation is subject to a funny effect. I was searching on the matter of reasons why people are dropping Evernote, and I came across this article, which has a lot of criticism, including a link pointing to the Evernote Work Chat feature, which redirects to the product page. My language is Portuguese so I got redirected to https://evernote.com/intl/pt-br/products. I'm using Firefox on Windows 10. At first I thought the page with the critique was someone trying to make a point in Portuguese by saying "Evernote is CU": If that's not the case, then maybe it would be conveniente to remove the bold on the letters C and U :D
  5. As we know, many fonts installed on an operating system are a cause for performance deterioration. Especially when the application has to fetch and render multiple on the fly, like when we select a font on Microsoft Word or Evernote itself. So please, add an option to "disable font preview" in Evernote for desktop. This could make us select the font only by its name and should not disturb our performance, given that Evernote is a productivity app. Also, it would be nice if somehow we could limit the font types used by the program, so only that group would show on the list. Thanks!
  6. I understand. Glad to know, thanks! As I said, styles can save a ton of time. The same for the formatting brush. No need to have fully featured styles viewer like Microsoft Word, but they could be very, very handy.
  7. Hi, I bet someone has already suggested this, but maybe it is too hard to implement styles because the application would get big. However, not necessarily, as I understand the editor interface is supposed to be neat. However, we are experiencing a blazing fast and stressful routine, and maybe this is one of the reasons for Evernote being created in the first place. So what about: * A simple 'save style' function, in which the user would just define a typeface, size, color and emphasis formatting, all at once; * Ability to save some of the styles in the top toolbar in the editor interface for quick access, as well as the possibility of assigning a keyboard shortcut. If not possible, then it would be welcome just to have... * A copy format button, like the brush we have in Microsoft Word. Thanks!
  8. Evernote is freezing everytime during launching in Windows 7. I have quite a lot of notes (460), and when I first begin typing a new one, the app freezes for several seconds (the window dims in that milk style). Sorry, this is all I can use to describe the issue, and not everytime it happens, so I can't assure you'll be able to reproduce the bug. Thanks for attention anyway
  9. Thanks gazumped! So, are all the notes actually stored in html format? I know we can export all of them to html, but are they natively html? If it is, then it's not a requestable feature. I think we can all agree this would come handy. Manually doing the copy-past-back-and-forth is very tedious when it comes to more than a few portions of text
  10. Hi, is this a bug or is it like that by design? I have a text with mixed formatting. Then I selected a part of it then simplified the formatting. When I did, the entire note, not only the selected part, got 'simplified'. The same for remove formatting, except that this brings the note back to a raw Courier-font plain text, and not the default font. How to simplify/remove the formatting only for the selected portion of the note, not all of it? Tks
  11. I did not submit because I downgraded from Windows 8.1 to 7 and reinstalled Evernote neatly. Now it works like magic!
  12. I forgot to tell that my version is (269614) Public. And my default browser is Google Chrome.
  13. This has happened to me too. I was about to open a new topic on it, but then I found this one, among other two discussing the same thing. Turns out html links are not clickable anymore in the Windows Desktop version. I have to use the web Evernote in order to have the links clickable. I rebooted, yes, etc etc. Why is that?
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