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  1. No, but I think I understand better what's going on now. I notice that my Windows desktop version syncs whenever I do any of the following: (i) clip something using the web clipper; (ii) create a new note using my phone; (iii) create a new note using the web client. I guess that sending an email to EN will do the same thing. So, even though I have UNticked all the sync options on my Windows client, it still syncs whenever any of the above actions are taken. I'm not sure if this is the expected behaviour or not, but it's not what I would expect, and it's certainly not the way it used to work prior to this latest release.
  2. Hi gazumped, thanks for your interest. The sync does NOT happen at start up or when closing (as far as I can tell without doing more rigorous testing), but sometime in between. Not sure if it's at regular periods or random, since it happens when I'm not paying attention; I'll only notice that it has synced when I go back to Evernote, which could be half a day after I last used it.
  3. I have unticked all of the options on the "Synchronization" panel, because I like to synchronize manually according to my own schedule. But this new version still syncs without me doing anything. Looks like a bug? Is there a fix?
  4. Inspired by the last few posts, I have fixed my problem with the following very easy procedure: Exit from Evernote. Rename the Evernote directory. Create a new (and empty) Evernote directory. Create a "Databases" directory in the new Evernote directory. Copy the old username.exb file from the old (now renamed) location to the new "Databases" directory. Restart Evernote. That's it - it worked for me, Evernote now starts up and shuts down real fast. No need to download everything again from the servers, no need to export and re-import private notes. Quick and easy!
  5. I am getting the "not responding" thing whenever I pull up a note with a PDF file and I try to scroll the PDF document. Takes about a minute to become responsive again. I'm using version on a Windows 8.1 system. I'm also getting the extremely slow startup and shutdown problems, this has been happening for maybe a month or so. Very annoying.
  6. can't empty trash

  7. Yes, it's taken me quite a while to retrain myself NOT to hit <escape> when I've finished editing a note. It would be great if the behaviour was consistent with other apps.
  8. I'm loving it too. It works great for me. (Nice to have a thread with a bit of positivity in it!)
  9. Here's a kind of kludgey method that might help a bit (Windows client): Do your first search for notes.Do a "select all" (control-A) to select all the relevant notes.Right-click on any of the selected notes and choose "Copy Note Links" (or from the menu Note -> Copy Note Links).Create a New Note.Paste all the note links into the new note (control-V). The new note will now have active links to all the notes which satisfy your original search.Open the new note in a new window (double-click on it).Now, you have your original note search results available in a separate (Note) window, and you can keep it open while you reuse the main Evernote window for whatever browsing/searching you want to do. Hope this helps :-)
  10. Here's an off-the-wall suggestion: use Evernote Food. In Evernote Food, you can set the camera to save images as Small (640x640 pixels), Medium (1024x1024), or Large (1536x1563). You can save multiple images per note, and each can have a caption associated with it. Note locations are saved and displayed on a nice map. All of which would seem to match a real-estate application, I would imagine.
  11. I guess another alternative would be to initially create two notes in Evernote, one containing your source material and one for your notes. Have these open in separate windows, so you can jump between them easily. Then, when your note-taking is finished, merge the two evernotes, or copy-and-paste from one to the other.
  12. If the reference paper is in PDF format, can't you just open it using Adobe Acrobat or similar in a separate window? Then you should be easily able to jump between the windows - typing into your Evernote note, while referencing the source material in Acrobat?
  13. The way I think of it: 1. Recipes typically contain full lists of ingredients, so a simple keyword search will locate any ingredient, or combination of ingredients, that you are looking for. Therefore, there is little point in using ingredient names in tags. 2. Tags can be used to classify the recipes into groups which may not be "obvious" from the text of the recipe itself. For example, you may have a lot of dessert recipes, but most dessert recipes will not contain the word "dessert", so "dessert" is an ideal candidate for a tag. Then, if you want to find all recipes containing sugar and cream, for example, you can just type "sugar" and "cream" into the search box. But then you realize that this is pulling up all your Thai curry recipes (palm sugar, coconut cream) when you really only wanted desserts. So you refine your search to "sugar cream tag:desserts". Simple! Another tag you might want to consider could be "favorite", or some similar rating. Then, you can simply pull up all of your favorite desserts by joining those two tags.
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