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(Archived) Android Evernote Camera Questions


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(1) I have noticed multiple times that pictures I take via Evernote do not show up in my Evernote account.  Thankfully the pictures are kept in the photo gallery in a folder called Evernote.  I believe I have used the widget to initiate the pictures each time.  Why is this happening?  Sometimes, like now, it works fine.  Anyone else having this problem?


(2) Is there any way to mute / turn off the Evernote camera shutter sound?  


I have latest Evernote v5.3 AM_53_173 on Samsung Galaxy S4.

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1. I've never encountered the first issue.


2. I use a Note 2 and I have the same problem with the shutter sound. I regularly do some library research and take pics of relevant pages. Because of the annoying shutter sound, the cute librarian hates me and has warned me a number of times or she'll throw me out. Samsung's camera is making my work difficult and has derailed a potential love connection.

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